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11-Mar-2173 (08:22:14)
As of 08:22 on the 11th of March 2173, I, Martyn Brierfield, officially assume command of the Emerald Monarch.

The ship was pushed out of space dock yesterday and the refit went well with a number of upgrades made to bring her up to par again. I will ensure the new Engineer goes over everything before we leave port.

Despite my objections, the company has removed the weapon systems from the ship. Apparently the Vilani border patrols are stopping all armed Terran vessels, and the company does not want an unnecessary incident. Our orders are that we make the attaining of armaments a priority once clear of the border. We should have sufficient money for the fitting and whatever bribes we are likely to have to pay.

I have gone over the crews records, and human resources seem to have done a good job short listing candidates. I will submit my selections tomorrow after I’ve had time to sleep on it. If everything goes to plan then I will contact the successful applicants over the weekend. We should be able to ship out by the end of next week.

… end log

10-Mar-2173 (15:25:18)
Ships Status:
All systems normal
Navigational Status: SOL SUBSECTOR (1822), NUSKU