Name: Richard B. Resnick
Aliases: Ditch
Sub-Species: Human
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Unknown
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Unknown
Psychological Profile: Undetermined
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Seattle, UCAS
Parents: Unknown (Orphaned)
Education: Basic
Basic History:

  • Orphan; dumped in trash bin at birth, found
  • Raised in foster homes, in Seattle, during early childhood; lived mostly on the street and/or juvenile corrections facilities (mostly for B&E) by adolescence; discovered gift for free-running
  • Got hired on w/ [Company] at ground-floor job; learned how corrupt the company was; tried to speak out & got thrown under the bus, & sent to prison for it
  • Escaped prison after three years; shot two guards in the process
  • Over several years, killed a number of bounty-hunters trying to bring him back in. Returned to prison a few times, but escaped each time.
  • Joined merc/shadowrunning outfit doing corporate espionage work. Got chromed sometime in this period
  • Entire merc outfit wiped out on mission, Ditch the only survivor. Johnson presumed he had killed the team, and handed him over to bounty-hunters ([Johns]), to be imprisoned again. Escaped capture, nearly killing [Johns] in the process.
  • Caught by [Johns] again. Transport crashed in [dangerous wilderness area] while en route to prison facility; befriended [Jack/Kyra] during the ordeal. Survived [creature] attacks, & escaped back to Seattle w/ [Jack/Kyra], [Imam]
  • After a few years of laying low, started taking freelance running jobs again

The blatant ripoff of “Riddick” is purely intentional—I always wanted to play Riddick sometime, and this campaign was a perfect fit. The character had to be watered down, somewhat, from the movie representation, due to the point-level of the campaign—part of the reason for the re-name.