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Dateline: Henryville. Six men were killed and more than a dozen were lightly injured when a gunfight erupted in the town square moments before the new sheriff was named.

The wanted criminal Sven Anderson masterminded the attack, evidently in reprisal against Mister Henry Wallinger’s recent efforts against him with regards to the smashing of the gold forging ring last month. Anderson was initially believed killed in firefight but later discovered to have escaped.

Philip Stanson was discovered posthumously to have won the position of sheriff but his death means a new election must be called.

Dateline: Christian’s Folly. A fierce gunfight between a law enforcement posse and a small criminal band took place in the ruins of Christian’s Folly yesterday. This engagement came as a result of a many week investigation into a false gold nugget scheme that has been plaguing Frome County for the last several months.

Five of the criminals were killed in the shoot-out and five members of the gang managed to escape, including the suspected ringleaders, Zeke and Sven Andersson. No law enforcement agents were killed although reports indicate at least one was injured and there were four bodies discovered at the scene who have been tentatively identified as ranch-hands employed by Mister James Ponty of the Pontypine Ranch.

The acting-sheriff of Henryville, H.J. MacKenzie, led the investigation but has offered no comment on his plans for the rest of the gang.

Dateline: Steaming Rock. Men led by the notorious bandits, Gerald and Karl Filmore, tried to make an early withdrawal from the bank on Tuesday, but found themselves surrounded on all sides by locals and were promptly gunned down. At least five of bandits were killed in the confrontation.

According to eyewitness reports, the bandits panicked at the sight of the defenders and shot first, which freed up the locals to retaliate.

Local deputy, Michael Dimsmore, was instrumental in fending off the would-be thieves. Both Filmores were killed in the exchange.

Among the local defenders was a visiting Henry Wallinger who, along with the acting-sheriff of Henryville, H.J. MacKenzie, were escorting several recently apprehended bandits to the local jail.

A fierce gunfight ensued when cowboys, led by Lewis Sherwood of the Pontypine Ranch, cowardly attacked Henryville’s acting sheriff, Henry MacKenzie, outside of town. MacKenzie was escorting Jose Sanchez to Liberty to stand trial for his part in the murder of Mayor Haskel.

Sanchez was killed in the crossfire. His death might have been the intent so as to prevent valuable information from being obtained. Authorities close to the ongoing investigation have indicated that, prior to his murder, Sanchez was cooperating with them.

Among MacKenzie’s posse was Henry Wallinger who had earlier been instrumental in apprehending Sanchez, but the Ponty connection and the known antipathy between Mr. James Ponty and the Wallinger family leads to questions about how closely tied he is to the murder of Mayor Haskel two days ago.

Dateline: Prospect. A bar scuffle nearly turned fatal when an unnamed visitor drew his sidearm and shot one of the locals. The nature of the disagreement reportedly stemmed from the presence of an Indian entering the bar and quickly getting involved in a dispute with one of the saloon’s locals.

‘There was no reason [for the shooter] to draw a gun,’ bar-owner Clyde Jones said. ‘It was just a friendly fightfight until [he] drew.’

Reports that the unnamed shooter was a deputy from Henryville have not yet been verified.

The victim of the shooting, Kenneth McCormick, is expected to make a full recovery and is reportedly looking into his legal option.

Dateline: Henryville. Jose Sanchez, the leader of the gang that murdered Mayor Haskel of Henryville, was arrested last night in an explosive firefight that left the three remaining members of his gang dead and the fourth member apprehended.

Following up on information obtained from Bubba Walsh, the suspect apprehended following yesterday’s shooting, Henryville deputies pursued Sanchez to a small farm east of the town where they discovered that the gang had already murdered Bill Kaufman, the local homesteader, and assaulted the man’s wife.

At least one of the deputies was lightly wounded during the shootout but authorities have indicated the injury was not critical.

Dateline: Henryville. Three armed assailants attacked the mayor and sheriff yesterday. Mayor Haskel was killed instantly while Sheriff Carter is reported to be clinging to life.

A local posse made up of Wallinger men pursued the three men and, in a tense shoot-out, killed one and apprehended a second. The ringleader of this gang, identified as Jose Sanchez, managed to escape but authorities claim they are following all available leads to capture him.

The apprehended shooter, Bubba Walsh, has been remanded to Hanging Judge Clinton in Liberty.

There is no word on who is to replace Mayor Haskel at this time.