My first impressions of my new shipmates have largely been positive.   The Captain seems to be an actual human being, instead of a military meathead, and I’m more motivated to serve well under him than any of my commanders during my military service.  The Ship’s First Officer, is friendly and professional but he’s a been a corporate man his entire life, can we count on him if the shit hits the fan?  Too soon to tell, so far I appreciate the way he handles himself and he hasn’t pulled rank on any of us little folk yet, so I remain optimistic.

The highlight has definitely been the Chief Medical Officer, Anya, a very friendly middle aged woman who is teaching me a great deal about medicine and surgery.  I very much enjoy her company and have been spending as much time as I can with her, learning all that she can teach me.

I’m hesitant to approach and try and befriend any of the Terrans on the ship but so far no one has given me any shit.  Hopefully my assumptions about them will prove to be incorrect, but my experience on my tour of duty leaves me hesitant to befriend many Terrans…

It’s a job though, one more year and I can perhaps attend a medical school somewhere.  I hope that we have an uneventful, and profitable tour.