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Dramatis Personæ

Without Sanction

Back at the team’s warehouse-headquarters in Haifa, Quinn’s briefcase is opened: within it, the laptop containing CS:Heimdall’s financial information, a special smartphone, and new identities for the team as employees of the Global Wildlife Conservation Council.

DDO Hamilton Riggs calls the team, and knows more than he had previously let on about what they’ve been up to; he wants to observe the interrogation of the heavily-injured Heimdall remotely. Mahoney conducts the interrogation, and Heimdall reveals all, including personal details on the team, Operation: Klendathu Black Shadow (which preceded their own Syria operation), and the the cargo aboard M/V Pegasi, a Russian bioweapons scientist.

Afterward, Reilly speaks privately to Riggs about his involvement in Opn:KBS, and Riggs puts the pieces together for the team: CS:Loki, the Russian scientist Reilly helped extract; CS:Odin, whom they formerly knew as CS:Rook; and CS:Frigga, AKA Jennifer Harrington of their own company, involved with CS:Odin and probable source of the unsanctioned operation—ConsOps is clearly compromised. Now, with breaking news of Quinn’s reported death in surgery, Riggs declares a “Shadow Directive”—the team is to continue their mission without any support or sanction from ConsOps.

The team immediately destroys all intel at the warehouse and makes for the Haifa airport. On the way, Heimdall is dropped off for the local Israeli police to find. The team’s new cover-company has a seaplane awaiting them at the airport. They immediately fly to Cairo, Egypt, where CS:Bragi and Baldr (now dead) were known to operate.

In Cairo, the team uses Heimdall’s cell-phone to get Bragi’s number, and the Q-phone to ping Bragi’s phone’s GPS: it is located at the Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah. With funds generously and unwittingly provided by Heimdall’s seized accounts, the team splits: Vega and Reilly waiting in one rented car some distance from the hotel, while Mahoney and Baum take another rented car to the hotel itself. Mahoney enters the lobby to try to discover Bragi’s room number, but instead spots their target leaving the lobby, being assaulted outside, and being stuffed into another vehicle, which speeds away. The team shadows the strangers, communicating by radio to hand off pursuit from one vehicle to the other, managing to apparently remain unnoticed as they track it to a downtown warehouse.

Dramatis Personæ

Hot Pursuit

As the team fled south down the Suez Canal in the stolen Egyptian Coast Guard fast-boat, they were immediately picked up by a larger Egyptian vessel, well armed and bearing down. Mahoney tended to the unconscious Hurt, while Vega steered the boat out of the way of incoming machinegun fire, only taking a round or two before managing to evade pursuit.

As they continued down the canal toward a less-populated area, the team called in for assistance and were answered by Reilly, who gave them coordinates to wait for a pickup. Reilly arrived in a UH-1 bearing Sudanese markings and bullet-holes, with a rough landing due to his pilot being injured. The team boarded, and Vega took over as pilot.

They were immediately pursued by an armed Egyptian helicopter. Again, Vega evaded incoming fire, and managed to lose their pursuer with a well-timed stunt under a highway bridge masked by the near-miss of their pursuer’s antitank missile. They then made straight for the Israeli border and called ahead for permission to land.

The team proceeded to the hospital where most of the wounded from the embassy bombing were being collected to see if Phillip Quinn had been admitted. Baum was able to use his Mossad credentials to get in and found that Quinn had survived, and was in the ICU, but decided not to press his luck by trying to get past security to see him directly. With Reilly, on the way to rejoin the others at a nearby café, Baum spotted CS: Heimdall getting into a car. At Baum’s call, Vega and Mahoney quickly picked them up in their SUV. The team attempted to tail CS: Heimdall’s vehicle, but were quickly spotted. A street-chase ensued, filled with exchange of gunfire from both vehicles, ending in a crash on a narrow side-street.

Dramatis Personæ

Man Down

After the news of the bombing of the American embassy in Israel, the team had only moments to discuss what to do before shadowy intruders were spotted on their carefully-placed cell-phone-turned-security-cameras—soldiers, approaching fast and smooth, clearly professionals. Their prisoner, CS:Baldr, was quickly bagged, gagged, and bound; Mahoney and Vega half-dragged him along. The team moved out, stealthily, toward their stolen Mercedes. They spotted the soldiers surrounding the car. Deducing the situation, CS: Baldr made a muffled cry that gave away the Team’s presence.

A firefight ensued. The Team attempted a fighting retreat toward the waterfront, looking for an alternative transport. In the process, Mahoney was hit several times in the vest, but only bruised, while CS: Baldr was killed. As the Team reached the docks, Hurt was shot in the head, and very nearly killed outright. The Team kept up the fight, managing to take down three or four of the enemy, and forced the remainder to retreat to their two Egyptian Coast Guard boats waiting below. At Baum’s command, Vega quickly pulled his L85 out of his duffel and shot one of the boat drivers before he could get the vehicle moving. Police sirens could be heard in the distance, quickly approaching the docks.

As the vehicle was secured, and the unconscious Hurt stabilized and loaded aboard, Baum collected up the Israeli weapons the clearly not-Israeli soldiers were using, lest they be found by the local authorities and Israel be blamed for the attack—no doubt, intentionally. All aboard, Vega took the wheel and steered them South, deeper down the Suez Canal, to get them clear.

Dramatis Personæ

FUBAR Operation

  • Mahoney, at the soccer match at Al Masry Club stadium, watches the Egyptian National Security (NSA) agents draw their sidearms and converge on CS:Heimdall and CS:Baldr, the latter of which produces a Mini-Uzi and sprays indiscriminate automatic fire, while the former calmly surrenders himself. Mahoney follows CS: Baldr as he escapes from the stadium in the press of the crowd. Seeing his quarry flee on a stolen scooter, Mahoney commandeers his own (flashing one of the stolen NSA badges) and gives chase, ending in a fiery crash in a crowded market, with the quarry injured and unconscious. Mahoney wraps the man in a carpet and hauls him away to an alley, to await pickup by the rest of the team.
  • As the Egyptian police converge on the storefront CS:Bragi had entered, Vega stays out of the way and waits, watching. He spots the mystery-man slipping out the back of the store in disguise, and follows him on foot, where the man enters a mosque. He waits outside for some time, but never sees his quarry emerge, and later decides he must have slipped away. Returning to his stolen Mercedes, Vega finds a local motorcycle-policeman has identified it as stolen, and is in the process of having it impounded. Vega waited for the policeman to enter a nearby shop to ask questions, slashed the motorcycle’s fuel-line, and sped away in the Mercedes.
  • On the way to their room at the AraCan hotel, Hurt and Baum (still wearing only a towel) have to share an elevator with some Egyptian police and a familiar NSA agent (with a bruised neck, from being choked out earlier). The police exit, but the agent returns to stop the door, perhaps having recognized Hurt. Baum quickly pulls the agent into elevator & the two choke him out (again). The unconscious agent is taken to the room and stowed in a closet, and as the two leave to get a taxi, Baum returns alone, briefly, to slash the agent’s femoral artery, killing him. Then the team flags a taxi and leaves to pick up Mahoney, Baum paying the driver $200 “for the day.”

In an alley some distance from the stadium, and the market, Hurt had stepped out of the taxi to help Mahoney load the carpet-rolled CS:Baldr into the trunk, when an Egyptian policeman entered the alley behind them and demanded they stand-to. Baum gives the taxi-driver a wad of cash and tells him to get rid of the cop, but the driver bolts with the money instead. As the policeman spots a human foot within the rolled carpet, he draws his weapon and calls for backup. Mahoney pulls his pistol and fires a few warning shots to dissuade the policeman, as they quickly stuff the carpet-roll into the trunk, and speed away in the abandoned taxi.

The team meets up with Vega and transfers to the Mercedes. They decide to hole-up in a less-well-observed corner of the port, in an unsecured shipping container. Inside, they wake up CS:Baldr and interrogate him, to no avail, as Baum deduces he’s been trained to resist. The team calls Phillip Quinn to report in. Quinn is in the process of connecting some of the dots with some of his financial research when the call is suddenly cut off. Having been keeping tabs on the local news for word of their own shenanigans, the team sees a breaking-news report that the American embassy in Israel—where Quinn was to meet with other intelligence agents—has been bombed.

Dramatis Personæ

Borderline Chaos

  • Blue Team (Baum, sniper; Vega, spotter) sets up 500m from objective, in overwatch
  • Red Team (Mahoney, CBRN; Hurt, backup) approaches objective, bunker (Facility 36), under cover of bombed-out town to the west
    • Circles dilapidated objective building, finds no other entrances
    • Distracts guard w/ rock; quickly picks lock & enters
  • No radio contact inside bunker. Team observes pile of bullet-riddled bodies, scientists; human-sized specimen cages, cells. Bunker is stripped of intel. Team clears area. Single female survivor in one of the cells, suffering from effects of some bioweapon. Team puts down survivor, takes samples, moves body to incinerator. Team searches scientists’ bodies for intel, finds nothing, but one scientist appears to be “Russian.”
  • Blue Team observes Syrian command convoy arriving at base for inspection and chewing out garrison. Soon after, observes Russians, Spetsnaz, arriving at base in Mil-24s, chewing out Syrian command. Team snaps photos.
  • Red Team quietly open bunker door; guards run, screaming
    • Base responds to commotion at bunker, converges
    • Guards (accidentally?) machine-gunned, possibly fearing outbreak
    • Soldiers enter just before incinerator fires on time.
    • Helos circle looking for intruders; one RTB.
    • Red Team exits amid distraction
  • Teams regroup, exfil by locally-acquired truck, via Iraq border-crossing
  • Back at HQ. Intel sent up to be analyzed.
  • Hamilton Riggs, the boss, calls, disappointed about chain-of-command issues, unsanctioned op
  • Phillip Quinn calls:
    • Spetsnaz commander from airbase may be in charge of bioweapons
    • New “favor”; ASGARD YELLOW CHECKMATE; new person-of-interest, CS:Heimdall (Jerry Melendez, “American”, works for Good Samaritans of America transport co), operating out of Port Said (at AraCan hotel)—recon, see what he’s up to
  • Cover IDs selected
  • Team crosses Egyptian border, separately:
    • Hurt flagged, followed by Egyptian National Security (NSA) agents. Tries to lose them but fails. Ambushes them in an alley; chokes one to unconsciousness, and shoots the other dead. “Robs” them and leaves the scene.
    • Mahoney’s ID was flagged (cover downgraded)
    • Vega steals a Mercedes, via valet convinced he’s Russell Crowe
  • Team meets at hotel café to strategize: Hurt+Baum to check in to Heimdall’s hotel, while Vega+Mahoney wait for him to leave, shadow him
  • Hurt & Baum observe from AraCan hotel lobby. Vega & Mahoney wait at nearby boat-restaurant
  • At evening, Heimdall leaves hotel:
    • Heimdall followed from hotel by third-party (3×NSA)—Hotel Team passes photos to drive team.
    • Drive-Team in Mercedes, follows Heimdall’s taxi to soccer game (Al-Masry Club Stadium). Heimdall exits taxi at stadium with different laptop-bag than he got in with.
    • Hotel-Team gets a room. Baum bribes porter for Heimdall’s room number. At room, Baum uses “towel+icebucket” to trick housekeeping to let him in. Hurt enters afterward. Plant bugs. Observe the room is spotless, sharp; find no other intel.
    • Vega tails taxi as it leaves stadium; another dude (CS:Bragi) gets out with original laptop bag, enters storefront; police sirens, cruisers soon converge on storefront
    • Mahoney goes into soccer game, 10 seats back from Heimdall, surveils meeting with stranger (CS:Baldr), lip-reads near-argument about overdue shipment (should be in Kuwait tonight; transfer to Socotra, close to Somalia; Operation Pablo Jimenez is a go), just before nearby NSA agents move in on the two

Once upon a time, in the land of Clichéa, in the Kingdom of Generica, in the twelfth year of King Jon XVII, the land prospered. It was a period of uneasy peace, ten years since the Late Unpleasantness, and one year since the traitorous Luzar Drakeburne campaigned to usurp the Generic crown and was defeated. The king faced troubles from all sides; vassals plotting to take his throne, or gain their own; raiders terrorizing outlying farms; and neighboring kings awaiting opportunity to strike.

But far to the east, dark clouds gathered over Firemount: after a hundred years of silence, the Overlord of Nefaria recently sent his armies forth from the Black Tower and seized the neighboring Kingdom of Poorland. There is no doubt he next will march on Generica, his ancient enemy, and trod under foot any who stand in his path.

Meanwhile, a group of young, upstart adventurers of the Heroes’ Guild has formed a company of brothers-at-arms called The Company of the Bere (“bear,” not “beer”), and is about to be sent on their first mission…

Forgotten GreyLancErron

(Greyhawk + Forgotten Realms + DragonLance + Eberron)

It’s a generic medieval-fantasy campaign setting, based on traditional D&D material, that has roots going back to 2006 as a sort of in-joke in another gaming group, and originally intended for the D&D system. The worldbuilding centers around the imitation of the Crusader Kings 2 computer game. The campaign features heavy use of TV Tropes, with a strong Game of Thrones influence in its politics (that is, shamelessly ripped-off…err, an homage). As the worldbuilding was already well under-way on the Core Group Wiki, I decided not to relocate that information to Olympus.

Legends of Generica

See Campaign Info.

Tropes: Colour-Coded for Your Convenience, Genre Savvy: PCs (at least), Heroic Fantasy, Meaningful Name, Medieval European Fantasy, Medieval Stasis

I’m setting the tone of the campaign on the “silly-side of average,” like The Princess Bride or Stardust. I’m keeping the setting quasi-realistic, to the degree that I can, but allowing basic GURPS cinematic abilities, influenced to some degree by TV Tropes. The original D&D version would have started at 1st Level; this being GURPS, that means 150 points at the start—definitely still “green”—with their focus on eventual fame-&-fortune. The adventures themselves will be intentionally clichéd and simple, which should telegraph events for the properly genre-savvy—knowing it’s coming should be part of the fun. For the future, I’d like to get into some small-time realm-management, and of course, the campaign will undoubtedly end up featuring a long journey to take some McGuffin to Nefaria to destroy it before the Enemy can use it.

GM: Gigermann

This will be my first “real” campaign for the Olympus group since The Crusade back in 2011, and the first ever to be streamed on Twitch and recorded on YouTube. As a side note: I intend to blog some GM insights and behind-the-scenes stuff separately on my other blog site.

Duty Roster:

Ella Stanbridge (Melissa)
Ertrane “Buck” Buckner (Herodian)
Henri Haank Makruus (Gigermann)
Ibrahim “Abe” Nouri-Abbood (Rigil Kent)
Sam Turner (Winston)
Sae Rraetheg (CommJunkee)

Clearing the Heir

Note: This recap was finally posted about a year late (and post-dated) for…reasons. It is highly condensed as a result, and covers roughly four sessions.

  • Arrived at Risek; Ella took over as pilot, for practice.
  • At downport, contacted IISS regarding the Gloria Exodus; IISS comes over to take possession of the survivors.
  • Local press makes a big deal of the “discovery” and mobs the docks for a press-conference, photo-op; Eddy schmoozes, before heading off on his own.
  • “Lurker” spotted at the back of the press-conference.

  • Ella, Haank and Sae leave the ship for the bank to take care of ship’s business; followed by the “lurker.” Sae circles back and observes the lurker while the others enter the bank, and ends up calling the cops on him.
  • Lurker “bumps” Ella on her way to the postal service, drops a note in her pocket, which she reads later: “Vincent” needs discreet charter off world, leaves contact info, a time and phone number at a local bar.
  • Sae loses Victor when he leaves in a taxi.
  • Sam goes ahead to the bar, chats up the locals, and observes. Ella calls the bar for Vincent, discusses charter: he needs to get one passenger and himself off-world without entanglements, offers 10k/passenger, counters w/ 100k for no-holds-barred. “Sad Keanu” also spotted at the bar.
  • Local news: heir to Chandler Enterprises (private-owned local mega-corp) is missing after parents killed in accident; Crew figures that’s the guy.
  • Later, at the ship, Crew discusses possible plans, including a fake radioactives delivery to smuggle someone through customs.
  • Observe starport security processes, and determine vulnerability: sympathetic locals might look away or assist. Ella chats with laundry service lady.

  • Day 2
  • Vincent contacted again at specified bar at specified time. Sam already there, observing. Arrange in-person meeting at starport Brubek’s. Sam watches someone follow Vincent out of the bar, tails him. Sae picks up the tail at the starport, while Same stays with Victor.
  • Haank talks discreetly with Victor at the bar. Meanwhile, Sam enters, followed by Vic’s tail, followed by Sae. Haank discreetly switches out with Sam to continue conversation. The tail is observed checking for dead-drops. Sam leaves, and Haank goes to pay his tab, leaving Vic a scrambler code for mission updates.
  • Victor leaves, still followed by tail, still followed by Sae, who breaks off after a bit.
  • Day 3
  • Ella convinces the laundry lady to help their smuggling op.
  • Buck, with Abe’s help, A-Teams a “perfect” Wang-Chung laundry delivery van in the startown.
  • Sae pickpockets a Wang-Chung laundry driver’s SPA badge.
  • Day 4
  • Buck repurposes SPA badge for Haank. who will drive the truck. Taxi acquired.
  • Victor is informed of the plan: Bruss to be picked up and delivered through the laundry service to the ship, while Victor is picked up in a taxi, tail is shaken off, and walked through SPA security.

  • Sae Fast Talks Jones into his role in the heist.
  • Sam has to “fix” tag scanner for laundry guy when delivering spacesuits to the laundry.
    • Haank drives the truck to the safe-house, with Abe.
    • Bruss picked up, plus suitcase.
    • Abe and Bruss hide in laundry carts.
    • Haank delivers laundry to the starport and leaves with the suitcase (having removed and discarded the gun) before returning to the ship.
    • Abe almost gets dumped, has to tranq a laundry worker.
    • Bruss gets into visored spacesuit, and Abe escorts from staff entry to the ship.
    • Ella is at the ship on comms, directs traffic
    • Sae drives the cab, and arrives to pick up Victor, Jones in trunk; Vic’s tail slaps tracker on trunk
    • Under way, Jones and Victor swap clothes and positions.
    • Jones dropped off at bar (Dick & Pickle); new fare gets in, a couple, bound for Arcology B; tail follows Jones.
    • Jones heads for the bathroom, caught by tail; they struggle; Jones finds out about the tracker before escaping, informs the others.
    • Sae’s cab is followed by another vehicle; scares passengers with his driving as he speeds away. Loses tail with a lucky vertical track-change, tracker knocked off. Stops in Arcology B, let fares off, and takes a new cab back to the ship.
    • Jones loses (original) tail at crowded mall, and returns to the ship.
  • All flights delayed, security flagged; Victor is still outside starport and can’t re-enter.
  • Buck starts hacking, cancels customs flag on Vic and Bruss.
  • Crew departs without further incident.

Duty Roster:

Edrasii “Eddy” Bkar’hen (Ronnke)
Ella Stanbridge (Melissa)
Ertrane “Buck” Buckner (Herodian)
Henri Haank Makruus (Gigermann)
Ibrahim “Abe” Nouri-Abbood
Sam Turner (Winston)
Sae Rraetheg


Rogue Planet

With all pirates dead, unconscious, or otherwise out of the fight, the Crew began sorting out the situation that remained. The “slaves” were held in jury-rigged cages in the hold of the hangar’s lone occupant, the far-trader, Jacob’s Apprentice, whose owner/captain, Jacob Bishop, was among those released. The pirates that still lived replaced the released hostages in the cells, and were questioned. What remained of Captain Bishop’s cargo, mixed in with other loot, was warehoused nearby; though they did not demand payment for the rescue, the Crew did agree to split the cargo with Bishop. Buck evaluated the condition of the ship and found it spaceworthy, though the jump-drive was a bit dodgy—might make a jump or two before it failed. It was decided that the Spinward Star would escort the Jacob’s Apprentice and Learned Lady back to Titleman Station (Fulacin Prime’s highport).

trav2-fulacin orbital

The nine-day trip went without incident. After disembarking, Professor Well gave them his sincere thanks for the rescue of his colleagues, and an official note from the University’s insurance company promising a 200k credit, standard “rescue fee,” which they could redeem at the nearest Rhylanor Imperial (Bank) branch on their way back to Regina; they decided Risek was their best option, only a little out of the way. With that, the Crew bid farewell to those they had rescued, and departed outsystem for Risek.

The Spinward Star entered jumpspace, and the Crew settled into their usual routines. Four days into the jump, while Haank was on watch in the middle of the “night,” the ship was suddenly pulled out of jumpspace. Haank immediately sounded the alarm and jumped into the pilot’s seat just in time to steer the ship out of the way of some debris. Before them was a massive, dark gas-giant, with several moons and lots of asteroids and planetary debris in its orbit, but no sun at all—a rogue planet. Sam was able to determine their position at around halfway between Fulacin and Risek. The ship’s comms began to pick up an automated distress call, which they triangulated, appearing to originate from a nearby moon. They approached the moon and began to scan the surface from orbit for the source of the signal, and found the wreck, a massive generation ship of a possibly Terran or very old Imperial make.


The Crew cautiously entered the moon’s atmosphere and landed the ship on what solid ground they could find in the loose sand near the crash site, and disembarked in a wheeled rover (which was among their share of the Apprentice’s cargo); the air was full of radioactive dust, so they dosed themselves with anti-radiation meds before leaving, and remained in their vacc-suits for the duration. The drove the rover as close as the dunes would allow, within 10m or so, and continued on foot over the treacherous sand (Eddy was nearly swept under the ship), to find a place to enter the crash. Buck decided to force one of the cargo ramps; he used the rover to power the electronic locks, and rigged a bypass, but the door itself was stuck fast, so he ended up using the rover’s winch to pull the ramp down.

Inside the cargo bay, they found the wreck silent as the grave. They found a pile of discarded animal bones—cattle, from the look of it—years, maybe decades old. They also found electrical lines running fore and aft, powering a jury-rigged communications suite, apparently wired up to the ship’s antenna array. The Crew split up to follow the electrical lines and some weak hits on hand-held bioscanners that some had brought along. They discovered, in one cargo bay, a number of jury-rigged low-berth pods containing around thirty survivors in stasis; and in another bay, an old encampment, the condition of which suggested a multi-year occupation; and in another bay, what was left of the startup colony’s supplies, including some old ground vehicles; and in another bay, hundreds of the ship’s original low-berth pods in various states of repair, some still holding the dead, having been stripped of usable parts to serve the remaining survivors. It was decided to attempt to move the jury-rigged pods to the Spinward Star to be taken to Risek and awakened there, though it would take a bit of engineering to move them without endangering the occupants—some took the rover back to the ship to fetch the portable fusion reactor to keep the units powered during the move. Meanwhile, Eddy continued to explore, and found a portable computer terminal belonging to the captain, Elliot Vance; after managing to power it up, among other data, he found copies of the ship’s logs. He relayed to the rest of the Crew the fate of the generation ship, the “Gloria Exodus”: centuries back, it had crashed on a moon of this uncharted rogue-planet, and the survivors managed to survive for around three years sheltered within the ship from the harsh environment outside; after further deaths from sickness or accidents, the chief engineer, Alexander McGarren—a mechanical genius, by all accounts—managed to hobble together enough functional stasis pods to keep the survivors alive almost indefinitely, in the hopes that someone might eventually stumble across their signal.

The Crew took time and care, and using the colony vehicles in addition to their own, managed to move the pods to the Spinward Star without incident. They then departed the moon, skimmed the gas-giant for fuel, and jumped out for Risek as originally planned.


  • Commjunkee took over as GM for a one-shot run, of which this session was the second part; Eddy, the regular GM’s PC, continued with the Crew; Abe’s player was out this week as well for reasons.
  • Due to…circumstances, I took far too long to get around to writing up this report; as a result, my memory of the events is less than complete, and I had to abbreviate things a little more than the session probably deserved
  • In the 2.5 weeks out and back to Fulacin II, Salla had finally gotten his repairs done and left the station, I think
  • I don’t recall if the fate of the captured pirates was ever specified, but I assume they were turned over to local authorities—I think the one that cooperated was discreetly allowed to slip away
  • The captain of the Gloria Exodus is is named for two of the guest-GM’s children (Elliot, and Vance)
  • The chief engineer, Alexander McGarren, is an homage to MacGyver
  • I don’t think the rogue planet was ever referred to by name by the GM, but I have referred to it on our wiki as EV-001 (standard scientific naming convention is to name it for the discoverer—Elliot Vance—and in this case, it was his first such discovery), but it’s just as likely they called it “Bob” or something like that

Duty Roster:

Edrasii “Eddy” Bkar’hen (Ronnke)
Ella Stanbridge (Melissa)
Ertrane “Buck” Buckner (Herodian)
Henri Haank Makruus (Gigermann)
Ibrahim “Abe” Nouri-Abbood (Rigil Kent)
Sam Turner (Winston)
Sae Rraetheg (Winston)


Pirate Activity

While Abe rendered medical aid to the three wounded pirates, the one that had surrendered was taken to the hold, and Eddy continued questioning him regarding his former company. The ex-pirate continued to be forthcoming, and Eddy offered him food and drink as he told his tale. He revealed the pirate company was 10-15 strong at the moment, based out of a partly-hidden hangar; their other ship/crew left a little over a week ago to do some trading in a neighboring system, and would not be expected to return for another few days at the very earliest; there were regular patrols of the surface near the base, with a few men at most, currently traveling back and forth to the scientists dig site to loot their supplies; captives were being held in a captured ship in the hangar, and were being readied for sale as slaves within the week; the base had a sensor suite that would be able to spot approaching craft. Meanwhile, Sam tried to narrow down the source of the ground-based comm signal he had picked up during the fighting, and to get a better view of the topography around the area, the details of which were corroborated by the surrendered ex-pirate, who also supplied a rough map of the hangar indicating likely encounters with its occupants. The planet was airless, .66 G, but inside the base would be normalized.

The Crew then gathered in the lounge to make their rescue plans. They studied the intel, and determined base’s sensors would be masked by the ridge the base was hidden under. They decided to go in fast, in a nap-of-the-earth approach in the sensors’ blind spot; the idea of using the launch or the safari ship as a distraction was discussed, but they decided against putting their crew in any further peril—speed and stealth should be enough. They geared up for a hard fight; for non-lethal options, they took along some tangler grenades they had purchased from Salla at Fulacin.

The approach went smoothly; no sign of detection. As they descended below the cloud of volcanic ash, they were able to pick up clearly the pirates’ comm signal; there was a bit of casual chatter between the base and a patrol at the research camp, and some wondering regarding the ambush team’s status. The Spinward Star swept up to the side of the ridge opposite the base, and barely touched down to let the assault team disembark, before backing off a safe distance to provide overwatch. The assault team scaled down the ridge-face to the half-buried hangar, and split into two teams, each stacking up on a different airlock. Access to the base was unlocked, but would make some noise as the locks cycled—their entrance would not go unnoticed—so they would be going in loud, vigilant for potential civilian bystanders.


  • 1shot5b-002The “A” team of Ella, Sae and Abe entered through the forward airlock, and as it cycled, they spotted a couple of pirates within the control room on the other side of the inner viewport, who reacted to their appearance by attempting to sound an alarm. Sae pressed in first and shot the operators down, killing one instantly. Abe followed behind and did what he could to keep the other alive, while Ella and Sae turned their attention to the airlock’s side exit, and a couple of pirates they had spotted taking up cover positions on the other side of the hangar, near the back of the Empress Marava-class far-trader therein. They took cover beside the opening airlock door and began to exchange long-range fire with the pirates. The pirate taking cover at the aft corner of the ship retreated out of sight, presumably to circle around, while his comrade remained behind cover and kept up pressure on the airlock.
  • 1shot5b-001The “B” team of Haank, Buck and Eddy entered through the side-tunnel airlock, and as it cycled, they spotted a couple of pirates in a barracks-room on the other side of the inner viewport, playing cards on one of the bunks. The team rushed in immediately as the door opened and surprised the guards, who couldn’t arm themselves quickly enough to put up a proper fight, and indicated their surrender. As Eddy approached to secure one of them, he caught his vacc-suit on a nearby wall-locker and pulled it down on top of himself, at which point one of the pirates attempted to seize the opportunity to attack Haank from behind, but was shot down. Eddy remained behind to secure the prisoners while Haank and Buck emerged through the secondary airlock exit into the hangar.
  • 1shot5b-003The pirate that had been exchanging fire with Ella and Sae walled them inside the airlock with a barrage of tangler grenades from an under-barrel launcher. Sae fell back into the control room, where Abe was still performing first aid, and began attempting to shoot through the thick glass with his magnum pistol, but failed to connect with his target beyond. The pirate changed to a fresh magazine of high-explosive grenades and fired on the airlock, which did little more than clear out the webbing, and decided instead to fall back behind the ship, pursued soon after by Ella, then Sae.
  • 1shot5b-004Haank and Buck rounded the corner to head for the ship’s lowered port cargo ramp when Haank was jumped by a cutlass-wielding pirate; Haank ducked out of the way, leaving his attacker open for a long burst from Buck’s gauss rifle. As Haank approached the ramp, someone inside tossed a grenade out, and Haank quickly kicked it back inside before it detonated, and then ducked under the ramp to crawl across to the other side, while Buck took cover at the airlock corner and exchanged fire with the pirates inside the ship. Haank reached the other side of the ramp and sneaked his gauss rifle low around the corner, viewing through the scope video link, sighted in on the heavily-armored pirate leader, and with a lucky “perfect” shot, fired a single APHD that blew a hole straight through his heart and out the other side of his armor. It so shocked the remaining couple of pirates nearby (the ones Ella and Sae were after, having just entered through the open starboard ramp) that they threw down their arms and surrendered, lest they suffer a similar fate.

Meanwhile, outside the base, the Spinward Star had been loitering, and had eventually picked up a heat-signature inbound from the research dig-site—the patrol, in a wheeled-vehicle. Sam maneuvered the ship to intercept, with Jones manning the laser-turret, and secured their surrender as well.


  • Commjunkee took over as GM for a one-shot run, of which this session was the second part; Eddy, the regular GM’s PC, continued with the Crew, while Sae was taken over by Sam’s player for the combat portion
  • This session was taken up almost entirely by a combination of mission-planning and executing a moderately-sized combat, the total of which took us far overtime for the night
  • With the barrage of tangler grenades fired at Team A’s airlock, we found ourselves needing to know what the DR of a “wall of goop” was, and what visibility, and the possibility of firing through open spots in said wall would be. We just improvised at the time; I’m not sure that information had been specified anywhere in the rules—we didn’t find it, at any rate
  • I don’t quite remember the specifics, but Haank was “forced” to resort to using his under-barrel gauss shotgun—I think it was just late, and we needed to end the fight quickly—which he had loaded (per SOP) with APHD rounds, which we discovered some time back can blow holes in ships (literally), 6d×3 (5) imp; the damage total rolled was 66. The leader of the pirates currently present was wearing space armor (DR100). I rolled a “1” on a d6 for the extra hit-location (MA137, “Torso”)—Vitals. Needless to say, it was insta-death. As Buck’s player said afterward: “You can’t just read a newspaper through that hole. You can deliver one”
  • Due to…circumstances, I took far too long to get around to writing up this report; as a result, my memory of the events is less than complete, and I had to abbreviate things a little more than I normally would have liked

Duty Roster:

Edrasii “Eddy” Bkar’hen (Ronnke)
Ella Stanbridge (Melissa)
Ertrane “Buck” Buckner (Herodian)
Henri Haank Makruus (Gigermann)
Ibrahim “Abe” Nouri-Abbood (Rigil Kent)
Sam Turner (Winston)
Sae Rraetheg

trav2-fulacin orbital

Trojan Horse

Prof. Well

As the two containers were being hauled away, the Crew of the Spinward Star observed a neighboring ship, a Type R2 Class Subsidized Merchant, the lcarus in Decline, with her jump drive pulled out for service. As they began searching for outbound delivery opportunities, they found a number of freight lots and passengers held up on account of her situation. Almost immediately, the Crew was approached by a tall, thin man, a university professor by the name of Zinfield Well, who required insystem transport to Fulacin IV as soon as possible, to meet another charter in orbit there; he referred back to a gaggle of bored and frustrated young college students, wearing vacc suits, seated on their luggage and science gear on the wharf, saying he and a few of his astrogeology students were on a university-sponsored research trip. Eddy took the professor aside and presented the company’s “best offer” (without consulting the company)—double the going rate—and convinced him that he had no viable alternative. The exorbitant charge was reluctantly agreed to, though the professor could only pay a fraction up-front; the remainder would be covered by a bank-note on the university’s behalf. Abe decided to hang out with the science students and talk shop, to learn what they might know about botany, and be generally sociable; he brought Valerie along, who eventually seemed more at ease around others of similar age and background.

Salla Altunizian

Meanwhile, Ella was approached at the ramp by a well-dressed man, who introduced himself as Salla Altunizian, captain of the lcarus in Decline. He revealed that Sae (who wasn’t in the area at the time) had been a trusted crewman aboard his vessel in the past. He then explained that his ship was stranded waiting for jump drive parts to be delivered, and he had a rush-shipment in his hold that he was unable to deliver on time as a result; he would be willing to sell off some or all of it at a much-reduced price—small arms and military equipment, obtained legally—to recover some of his loss. Ella discussed the offer with the other partners; together they decided it was a good opportunity—they had the funds, and could probably sell off whatever they purchased at Yori or Treece, on the way to Regina, for a decent profit.

Ella contacted Salla and informed him that she would be sending someone to inspect the cargo. Haank took Buck and Sae with him to the lcarus’ berth, scanners in hand, and were welcomed by Sae’s old crew-mates, who showed them the cargo and associated manifests. Sections of the ship were kept strictly off-limits to prying eyes—Buck tried to get a look, saying he was wondering how he might help with their jump-drive issue. They took their time and went over everything thoroughly, and no shenanigans were discovered. Haank cleared it with Ella, and purchased 5 tons, which were loaded aboard the Spinward Star within the hour. They would be keeping a case or two of tangler munitions, as they’d been discussing the need for some non-lethal combat options. Afterward, Salla contacted Ella and invited the Crew to dinner; she accepted. The whole Crew attended, as did Salla’s; the dress was casual, and the food and drink excellent, and they wrapped up their business with a toast to good fortune. They might have stayed longer into the evening, but they didn’t want to keep their passengers waiting much longer, so they made their farewells and returned to their berth to ready the ship for departure and get all aboard.


It was a 9 day, 8 hour trip to Fulacin IV, in which nothing much occurred. Abe spent most of his time keeping company with the science students; their discussions eventually drifted into his research into the anti-freeze plant samples—he showed them his research, and held nothing back, not thinking about patents, or any sort of “business” concerns. After a week-plus in the black, on schedule, they made contact with the 200-ton Safari ship, Learned Lady, in orbit around the rockball planet, and Sam docked the Spinward Star belly-up at her ventral airlock. Her launch was gone; as the passengers disembarked and the Crew was allowed to look around and talk to their counterparts aboard the Lady, they were told that the launch was at the research site, dirtside, and was expected to return shortly. Some time later, the launch was picked up on sensors on a routing intercept vector, though it would not respond to comms; the crew of the Learned Lady thought little of it, but the Crew of the Spinward Star were immediately suspicious. The launch continued its approach, and docked, as if nothing were amiss. The captain went to the airlock to meet the returning team, and as the port opened, he was immediately shot dead.


  • Haank, Sam, Sae and Jones were still aboard the Spinward Star, and at the sound of gauss fire, they scrambled to repel boarders. While fetching his rifle from the ship’s weapons locker, Haank directed Sam to cut the gravity and lock down the cockpit, while Sae and Jones bolted for the turrets. Then Haank floated gracefully through the hatches “down” to the other ship, followed shortly by Sam, after he had attempted to find the pirates’ comm frequency and failed, due to some kind of interference caused by volcanic activity on the ground.
  • Ella and Buck were in the common area adjacent to the launch airlock, and took cover behind some local furniture and exchanged fire with the pirates as they pressed in from the launch. A couple of pirates quickly entered, while another, guessed to be their team-leader, remained behind cover in the airlock—one of the pirates who entered was killed; the other returned ineffectual fire from cover behind other nearby furniture.
  • Eddy helped clear the civilians out of the line of fire to starboard and up to the level “above.” He heard some movement on the other side of a nearby iris, and being unarmed, grabbed a nearby trophy and readied it to strike.
  • As Haank and Sam passed through the Learned Lady’s cockpit area, Sam remained behind to help them get the gravity shut off and try to lock down the launch so it couldn’t leave, while Haank made for the nearby hatch to the upper deck to join the others.
  • Abe was in a lab room across from the airlock where he had been socializing with the research students. As the shooting started, he closed the door, and set the students about gathering some materials to improvise a smoke-bomb. When completed, and the students had taken cover within the lab, he opened the door and threw the device to the launch’s airlock, though it deflected when the gravity unexpectedly cut out. The area around the launch airlock was quickly filled with obscuring smoke.
  • Another pair of boarders entered through Eddy’s door, but his “weapon” broke up mid-swing, and he was forced to use bare hands. He fled “down” through the hatch and brawled with the pirates as they attempted to follow and get a clear shot at him. He managed to knock one’s weapon away before kicking him unconscious, and pursued the other as he attempted to flee back to the launch.
  • The living pirate still inside the ship surrendered, flanked by Abe, who had managed to grab the other’s lost weapon as it floated by, around the same time Haank floated down from the level above. The pirate-leader closed the airlock and retreated back into the launch; it sounded like he was trying to spin up and break it free, to escape. Ella and Buck rushed the airlock door, and tried to force the lock, but the ship’s safeties prevented it from opening.
  • Eddy swung from the ceiling hatch and booted the remaining boarder through the door into a far wall, and beat him unconscious, just as Haank caught up to him. The two followed around to the launch’s starboard cargo portal, and managed to force it open just before it was locked down. They entered cautiously through the airlock leading into the passenger/cockpit compartment—knowing the pirate will have heard it cycle and would be prepared—and Haank put his rifle around the low-corner of the now-open iris, and fired a quick burst at the enemy, dropping him before he could react.

The (literal) smoke cleared. The launch was shut down, the dead placed in low-berth, and the prisoners secured. The surrendered pirate was questioned; he had been forced by circumstance into the pirates’ service, and told all he knew of their operation—the science team below had been captured and would be sold into slavery. Though Sam had been unable to pinpoint the source of the comm signal below, they had a pretty good idea where the pirate base would be, and would have to move quickly before the rest of the pirates began to suspect their ambush had gone awry. To be continued…


  • Commjunkee took over as GM for a one-shot run; Sae was therefore demoted to NPC status and generally kept clear of the action, while Eddy, the regular GM’s PC, continued with the Crew
  • The guest-GM took advantage of the opportunity to introduce Salla, Sae’s “arms-dealer” Contact, an old shipmate and captain of his, who had not made an appearance in the campaign as yet
  • Abe’s as yet unnamed “anti-freeze plant” goes back to the Crew’s shore-leave on La’Belle in Session 2.5, and has become a sort of side-goal for that character to turn it into something marketable, though the character, himself, is not so business-savvy to capitalize on the discovery. As a budding scientist, he was very proud of himself for having “scienced the shit out of” the pirate action, as were the students for their participation in repelling boarders
  • With the pirate’s attempt to flee with the launch, we found ourselves having to answer the question of how such a thing is secured to the mother-ship when so docked; we didn’t find any sort of reference at the time, though we presumed there should be some sort of safety measure to prevent the inner doors from being open when the launch was away, and that having the ability to programmatically prevent its leaving (by the ship’s computer) would be problematic in an emergency situation, and so disallowed