12 May 2173 (1222-A Dingir)

We arrived on Dingir without any issue.  Our instructions were to deliver the kids to their Uncle, a Mr. Enshii.  The kids were very happy to see him and he was not expecting them.  After the introductions, he invited us to a party.

While we waited for the party to start, I bought a slab of tri-metal alloy to replace the docking ring that was damaged on the 5th.  Since I bought a square slab , yet only needed a doughnut, I was able to save a lot of metal for later projects.

We had a lot of fun at the party and our host actually had wine from Paris, Terra.  Unfortunately, since I had to work later that night, I had to skip on the wine.

We found a side benefit to knowing Mr Enshii.  He is very well connected and will be able to be a conduit for some ship weapons.  The plan is to outfit us with 6 lasers, 4 sand-casters, and 2 missile launchers.  The Captain also approved my plan to isolate the passenger compartment and buy 4 low births for emergency medical service and passengers.

Well, it is the 13th and the ring is about half complete and we are waiting to hear about the weapons.