13 May 2173 (1222-A Dingir)

After some preliminary research, we still have yet to ID the bandits who jumped us at the last system.

On a better note, we have a lead on putting some pop-guns on this boat.  We are headed to see a Mr. Iishugi in Gershumse about getting some lasers, missile launchers, and some sand-casters.  He has scheduled a meeting to view some samples and make arrangements for payment.  We took a shuttle to a warehouse and met with a representative who showed us a sample of the items.  They will need some minor hardware and a bit of software changes to make them compatible with our systems.

While waiting on the issue of some self-defense weaponry, we did get the 4 Low-Birth modules and bulkheads I need to complete the isolation of the passenger section that I planned out a few weeks back.  I had the low-births strapped into the Eng section while I work on fitting the bulkheads.

After a couple of days, a Mr Enshii cam on board to arrange for payment.  The deal has us acting as transport for “Misc Freight” (the weapons in disguise) that we will take to Dasadi (in system) for installation.  Payment is due before takeoff.

We lifted off without issue, but seemed to have picked up a tail (a local cruiser) on the way out.  Instead of heading straight for Dasadi, we have decided to try and fool them with an in-system jump and arrive far enough off axis to sneak in.

16 May 2173 — 23 May 2173: Transit from 1222-A Dingir (main)  to 1222-A Dingir (Dasadi)

We had enough time while in the jump to install the bulkheads and 2 of the Low-Birth units.  I plan on doing the other two when I have some more free time.  While at the last station, I was pondering the issue of I need a better weapon system.  This old semi-auto 7.62 ain’t going to cut it any more.

Being the tinkerer that I am, I have begun work on a modular bullpup weapon system that I can make multiple calibers (and different cartridge types – ie std, caseless, etc) for.  I am also working on a method to add Electro-Thermal (ETC) enhancement to normal ammo.  The name of the system will be based on the acronym B.E.A.R. (Bullpup Enhanced Adler Rifle).  It will come in a few different basic sizes like Black B.E.A.R. (Sub-Machine gun based cartridges), Griszzley B.E.A.R. (5.56 carbine to 300 Win Mag), and Kodiak B.E.A.R. (the really big stuff like 50 cal).  The ides is to have a basic frame and each caliber would just need a barrel, magazine and bolt change in order to change ammo.  To help with accuracy, it will use a “floating” barrel system, electro-mechanical primer ignition system, and an internal recoil buffering system.

Here is what I plan to be the first Grizzly B.E.A.R. in 7.62mm.  To save time I am going to use the barrel, magazine, and a few receiver parts from my Self-Loading 7.62mm rifle.  To help on the Legal front, the pistol grip can be interchanged so that it can only fire semi-auto.  It will also have all the standard “smart rifle” enhancements, accessory mounting points, and mountable brass caters if needed.

First Grizzly B.E.A.R. in 7.62

24 May 2173 (1222-A Dingir, near Dasadi)

So much for planning to sneak in.  As soon as we popped into normal space and focused our passive sensors toward Dasadi we detected the same cruiser that followed us to the jump point.  Soon after they began to hail us and the jig was up.  We were instructed to meet her and prepare to be boarded for inspection.  The ship turned out to be the Cruiser Shimluur.  The boarding party was led by a Lt. Shapkupi.  The captain met with Lt. Shapkupi privately while the rest of us were being watched by the rest of the party.  They seemed to be a bit too relaxed.

After a while, the Lt. and the Captain came out, shook hands and the boarding party left.  It turns out that this system, being the first major Terran-friendly system from Nusku, is a popular place for Terran ships to arm up on their way into Vilani space.  It cost up all our Iridium, but we were allowed to continue to Dasadi and finish the weapon installation.  Nice little business they have going here.  I bet that crew retires rather well off.