13th June 2173 (1024-E Fomalhaut)

After our rescue and securing of the Betty, we began repairs to her internal systems.  Her maneuver drives were shot (literally) and could not be repaired locally.  The plan is to tow her to the system’s gas giant were we can refuel.  On the way I will try and make repairs to as much of her internal systems as possible.

Once at the Gas Giant, the Emerald Monarch can refuel then tow the Betty to the 100au mark in order to jump to a system with repair facilities.  I plan on making the jump with the Betty to ensure that everything goes fine.

Since I had all the tools with me on the Betty, I took some spare time during the tow to finish the machining and assembly of the first production B.E.A.R. system (in 7.62mm).  I forgot to mention it before, but the prototype worked quite well and I only had one minor bug.  It turned out to be a small problem in the mechanical ignition sequence that presented itself as a 3% dud rate.  A redesign of the ignition coil solved the problem.

Here is a photo of the first one:

22nd June 2173 (1024-E Fomalhaut)

We are almost done with the refueling and a ship has just shown up on long range sensors.  We do not know it’s intentions, but we are preparing for the worse.