Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part Four

  • Dirtside on Porozlo, the crew are aboard the train-bus Pod en route to Nemso.
  • During the trip, Buck finishes his hack into Sam’s computer and, with Sae’s assistance, they identify links to Monsaanti-Neogene Corporation.
  • There is a brief delay on the train line during which Sae is embarrassed by a very young child who is ecstatic about seeing a puppy!
  • Shortly before arriving at Nemso, Ella receives a voicemail message from Abe that strongly indicates that he’s on Porozlo (against her orders!) and is now at the Madua Metro Diner. Almost simultaneously, Sae receives a coded message from an unidentified number that all but confirms his theory that they’re being tracked by their financial accounts. Luckily, a former co-worker of Ella’s from the taxi company she once worked for happens to be pulling into the station terminal and he owes her a favor…
  • Following a quick, high-speed trip to the Metro Diner, the crew discover Abe chatting with a woman who introduces herself as Ivixia Dannica, an agent entrusted with extraordinary authority operating on a ducal warrant signed by His Grace, Leonard Stephanos Kirgashii, Duke of Rhylanor. She is tasked with apprehending Breyon Sodhii, who was once an Envoy himself until he went rogue.
  • After confirming that their foe is Monsaanti-Neogene, Ivixia offers an alliance: she wants to hit a data farm to track down Sodhii and would appreciate if the crew could provide a distraction by hitting a MNC facility. She offers three solid targets – one an abandoned oil rig no longer in use, one an island mining facility, and the third a building here in Madua, Nemso. After much discussion, the crew decide to go for the triple distraction: they will rent a pair of aircars with company assets, then send one to the oil rig and the other to the island. While this is going on, they will then hit the Madua building personally.
  • To that end, Eddy and Sae hit the startown, seeking out personal contacts first to get some clean funds (so as to avoid drawing further attention to themselves) while also purchasing gear like contragrav belts and explosives. Buck and Haank attempt to hack the building schematics but find they’ve been intentionally blanked out. Ella reaches out to the lawyer firm to arrange for them to begin researching (through the courts) the island and the oil rig in the hopes that this will cause further distraction.
  • The following day, while Aris lurks in a secure location so he can remote pilot the two air cars, the rest of the crew move to assault the Madua building.
  • And then, Aris announces that one of the two air cars has been shot down…

GM Notes:

  • Andricus (Aris’ player) was out and will miss the next three or four sessions due to wedding and work stuff.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..