POROZLO TODAY / 325-1122 / Staff Writers

ANJILIAC CITY – Count Para Anjiliac sought to push back Tuday on news reports that “chaos” has enveloped his court, saying that staff turnover and turnover are part of the normal course of business.

He also warned that more dismissals may be on the way but offered no comment regarding the unverified reports that his security forces were recently involved in arresting multiple members of his bureaucracy on Nemso Orbital three days ago.

“People will always come and go,” the count’s spokesperson said in a morning briefing with planetary media. “His Excellency has insisted that he desires a strong dialogue before making a final decision, but maintains that he will exercise his rights under Imperium law to dismiss those who are not proving their worth.”

Later in the day, during a joint news conference with the prime minister of Nemso, Count Anjiliac again dismissed the idea of staff turmoil and said he will not have any trouble filling all of the positions that have opened up within his court.

Staff turbulence has been a regular feature of Count Anjiliac’s administration since he assumed his fief in 1101 Imperial following his father’s demise.

Most recently, twelve crewman and officers serving aboard one of the count’s personal starships were taking into Imperial custody for unspecified crimes although experts close to the investigation indicate that they were jailed on espionage-related crimes. This marks the fourth such arrest in the last ninety days, prompting experts to suspect the long-simmering cold war between Count Anjiliac and Countess Varin Arabella of Rhylanor is once again flaring up.