YORI/Regina (Traveller News Service)

In what has quickly disintegrated into a humanitarian disaster of historic proportions, a staggering 90 million refugees have fled from Yori/Regina to surrounding systems over the past three weeks alone. At least 20 million of them are children.

These refugees are fleeing an unprecedented explosion of solar activity that has resulted in the system having been declared a Red Zone by Imperium authorities. Planetary-wide evacuations began on 243-1122 following a string of solar flares so intense that they consumed several of Yori 1’s satellites.

Experts are still unclear what has caused this sudden build-up of activity and have thoroughly debunked rumors of Ine Givar activity in the system being ultimately responsible.

‘We do not comment on unsubstantiated nonsense about events that never happened,’ the spokesman for Baron Almanii said in a news conference on 361-1122.

His Grace, Duke Leonard Kirgashii of Rhylanor has already issued a state of emergency and is rumored to have redirected more than fifty percent of the sub-sector fleet to assist with the evacuation.