Spinward Star, LLP
  • GM: Rigil Kent
  • Alphanzo (Ronnke)
  • Donno (Gigermann)
  • Razz (Herodian)

The Count’s Gambit, Part Five-B

  • On Quopist,a team of Imperium Scouts conducting recon in attempt to locate the vargr corsair that escaped them are shot down.
  • Four of these scouts survive the crash landing, though one is promptly taken out by the vargr soldiers once they start trying to get clear of the burning dropship.
  • A firefight ensues with two of the three surviving Scouts getting critically injured. Desperate to prevent the attacking vargr from taking the dropship, the final Scout triggers a contained self-destruct that violently destroys the craft … and most of the vargr as well…

GM Notes:

  • We were down to just three players (plus the GM) for this session so we did a sort of side-trek with 150-point soldier types. I’ve kept track of exactly how many vargr are available for when the PCs move capture the corsairs… and when Herodian blew up the dropship, they’ve basically dropped the numbers of bad guys down to three named bad guys.
  • Herodian’s decision to blow up the ship caught me by surprise, but his arguments made sense so it played out nicely.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..