Dramatis Personæ

Wherein the Expedition Enters the Djinn Lands and the Enemy’s Scouts Are Encountered…

  • Having dealt with the irritating gremlin-like creatures, the expedition spends a few days replenishing their supplies before officially embarking. They now travel during the night to avoid the too hot days.
  • During the many days trip, the company get to know the Fa’iel better, with Finn continuing to alternating his time with Rashid ibn Al’Dafar and the man’s sister, Ammerah who is teaching him their language so he does not always have to create a weave for it; it is clear to any with eyes that Finn finds the lady extremely attractive. Thorn is quickly drawn into gambling with Rashid and his men, and somehow manages to win more than he loses. Brum spins tales of dwarven hijinks while Arn reads, Lan-Fan tries to avoid Rashid’s less than subtle attempts to woo her and Zistral learns the ways of the desert.
  • Some days beyond the starting point, the expedition pauses at a buried cistern that Arn recognizes from his dream. He senses sinister eyes – Lady Ammerah appears to sense them as well – and a distant scout is detected. Rashid urges prompt action – they cannot let this scout report to his master! – and Finn directs the company to move with aggression and haste.
  • As it turns out, there are two scouts, though one is concealed, and both end up unleashing bottled sand elementals upon the company. The fight is fierce, though it quickly goes against the Enemy once Arn hurls a ball of fire at one of the sand creatures and turns it to glass.
  • Afterward, the company discover that the scouts appear to have committed suicide via small glass vials rather than be captured, a sure sign of their fanaticism. They also bear glass spheres that Rashid identifies as a source of the Enemy’s scrying. Even though they are destroyed, he urges them to press on quickly – the Enemy may be upon them at any moment…
  • Hours later, long after the expedition has moved on, a trio of centaurs arrive via magic to investigate. One is a mage, the others are warriors, and they take up the hunt…

Player Notes:

  • CommJunkee continued as GM for this adventure arc.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline.