Dramatis Personæ

Wherein the Expedition Begins to Reclaim the Ancient Mosque from the Pugwampi…

  • Quick flashback: During the trip to Kalmarane, Finn contrives to have a watch with Thorn so they can discuss the unexpected marriage thing. During this conversation, Finn admits to being frustrated that he was caught by surprise but that he is considering not trying to get out of this because Defiant needs allies. Caithness is too far away, the elves will not even talk to him, the centaurs haven’t been inclined to help and the dwarves haven’t responded to messages (although since Bulgaren is a dwarf, Finn wonders if they just don’t care?) So allying with the Fa’iel may be the only option…
  • With Arn hanging back out of concern that he may accidentally burn the entire mosque down, the warband enter the ruins, then spread out so as to minimize the area of effect should the pugwampi bad luck aura trigger.
  • Brum, apart from the rest of the group, encounters and easily defeats a pair of the small gremlin-like creatures, despite their best attempts to strike him from ambush.
  • Simultaneously, the others encounter a handful of massive baboons who posture and charge, but are quickly downed. The surviving animals cower in their tree but make no attempt to counterattack.
  • The band advances toward the pugwampi nest were a fierce, pitched battle ensues. Lan-Fan and Thorn go up to the upper rafter levels using parkour, while the rest attempt to maneuver to best engage the gremlin-like creatures from below. Strangely, Finn proves to be extremely effective thanks to the distant blow weave he has triggered. Unfortunately, someone of his attacks have unexpected side-effects thanks to the pugwampi’s bad luck aura – not only does he accidentally drop the chandelier, but also collapses the part of the balcony that Lan-Fan was upon when he attempts to assist her against several of the creatures. Luckily, she is extremely nimble on her feet and lands like a cat.
  • During this wild melee, the pugwampi leader springs out of hiding and attempts to engage Zistral with a death from above strike, but proves to be not especially effective. It takes several long seconds but the centaur eventually pins the creature to the wall with his spear.
  • The last of the pugwampi fall and the mosque goes silent…

Player Notes:

  • CommJunkee continued as GM for this adventure arc.
  • Andricus was absent this session.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at our Olympus Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline. Evidently, I’ve been providing the wrong Twitch address on these although Ronnke’s page simulcast with ours so…
  • We’ve also spun up a Twitter account to report our various statuses. Feel free to follow us @OlympusRPGGroup for news and updates.