Dramatis Personæ

Wherein Finn Violates the Laws of Magick, the Warband and the Fa’iel find the Lost City, and Blood is Shed…

  • As a storm wails around the Gate from which armed centaurs are emerging, Finn decides to take quick action. Ordering Brum to array the warriors for a hit-and-run delaying action, he begins weaving magick, intending on pulling lightning down from the sky to disrupt the Gate.
  • It works … mostly. The lightning explodes against the Gate, causing it first to erupt violently against the forces of the djinn, but then something unexpected happens: later, Finn will be able to deduce that the unexpected surge of power slamming into the Gate effectively untethered it from the the origin point. At that moment, though, he is too intent on trying to keep from being torn apart by the raw magick surging through him.
  • After a brief moment of consideration, he bends his will toward finding a new anchor point, opting for trying to seek out the lost city. This too works, much to his surprise, and he is able to create a new Gate, now between the warband and the fleeing Fa’iel, who quickly reorient toward this avenue of escape.
  • Once the last of the Fa’iel are through and the warband also, Finn backs through the Gate, straining to keep from being turned to ash by the sheer amount of power he’s weaving with. As the Gate closes, a pair of hostile armored centaurs dragging chariots with a human archer within dart through, intent on taking out the warband; at the same time, another pair of female centaurs attempt the same, but only one of them makes it through. The collapse of the Gate kills one of the females, which causes immense agony to the other (who is mysteriously connected to her elder by a leash of some sort.)
  • A violent melee ensues, during which Zistral is temporarily lamed by well-placed arrows (though he certainly retaliates in a far more lethal manner against the archers in question.) One of the warrior centaurs is finally brutally slain when he ends up surrounded, and the other is intimidated into yielding by Brum.
  • After securing the prisoners and handling the wounds, the warband rejoin the Fa’iel who are waiting at the great door leading into the city. Because he led them here, Finn learns, they wait for him to be the person to push the doors open. He does so … and they enter the fabled Yaqut min Alraml

Player Notes:

  • CommJunkee continued as GM for this adventure arc. Due to computer woes, Loki was unavailable, though she was there initially. For that matter, she wasn’t the only one who had trouble – I (Rigil) had to rush out to Best Buy immediately before the game to get a new headset for the game, CJ evidently had TeamSpeak issues while I was out, and Andricus’ internet connection kept dropping.
  • As Finn’s player, I’m a tiny bit uncomfortable with how this session sort of became the Finn Show. Planning on offering some suggestions to the GM for next week to make up for it.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at our Olympus Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline. Evidently, I’ve been providing the wrong Twitch address on these although Ronnke’s page simulcast with ours so…
  • We’ve also spun up a Twitter account to report our various statuses. Feel free to follow us @OlympusRPGGroup for news and updates.