Dramatis Personæ

Wherein the Warband Slay More Yuan-Ti, Brumrumli nearly dies, and Some Fa’iel are Rescued…

  • With Brumrumli and Zistral covering a stairwell leading up, the rest of the warband spread out to clear out the rest of this level. Upon discovering a prison filled with Fa’iel, Thorn sets to unlocking their cells while Arn watches his back.
  • At the top of the stairs, yuan-ti send a barrel rolling down; it smashes against the wall at the bottom and explodes, leaving a swath of burning pitch to block off the stairs. Zistral is trapped on the other side of this mess and his terror of fire kicks him, forcing him to retreat. Brum and Lan-Fan also retreat, but do so toward the rest of the warband where they join up with Finn who is rushing to investigate the abrupt and unexpected explosion.
  • Another pair of yuan-ti appear from another stairwell that Thorn had discovered earlier during his recon and loose some poorly aimed arrows at Brum, Finn and Lan-Fan before quickly retreating. Brum and Finn opt to quickly pursue, hoping the catch them before they can reproduce the barrel trick, then Lan-Fan chooses to follow after a few moments.
  • Reaching the stairs, Brum charges up, surefooted and confident, leaving behind young Finn; the dwarf bounds onto the upper landing and, almost at once, finds himself in a hot fight. He prevents one yuan-ti from rolling another explosive barrel down the stairs that Finn is slowly ascending, then quickly finds himself blocking arrows; upon seeing the barrel and the lit fuse smoldering away, Finn pulls water out of the air and drenches the barrel, snuffing out the fuse.
  • The fierce fight on the landing quickly turns bloody. Lan-Fan springs up the stairs to join the melee and, upon seeing the number of the enemy, Finn uses the Horn of Defiant to alert the rest of the warband to their peril before surging up and lending his own minimal combat abilities. Brum, bloodied and with a shattered shield, clings to consciousness despite his grievous wounds, and continues to fight on.
  • Hearing the Horn, Zistral fights through his fear of fire and charges through the blaze to ascend the first set of stairs so as to hit the yuan-ti from behind. In moments, he too is hard-pressed and one of snake-men half-severs one of his legs. Thorn, abandoning his attempts to pick locks, and Arn charge forward and join the fight long moments later.
  • In the end, the yuan-ti fall, leaving behind a seriously battered warband. Luckily, Finn is able to heal the worst of their injuries, including Zistral’s near crippled leg.

Player Notes:

  • CommJunkee continued as GM for this adventure arc. Loki was out but Andricus played Lan-fan for the fight.
  • As with the previous one, the session was dominated by combat as we continued what amounted to a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. This was a brutal fight, with Brum coming very close to death, Zistral nearly losing a leg, and Lan-Fan also nearly going down.
  • From the rescued Fa’iel, the warband learned that the lead yuan-ti has absconded with Sheikh Al’Dafar ibn Al’Hadir and Zyanra, evidently intent on using them to fuel terrible blood rituals.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at our Olympus Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline. Evidently, I’ve been providing the wrong Twitch address on these although Ronnke’s page simulcast with ours so…
  • We’ve also spun up a Twitter account to report our various statuses. Feel free to follow us @OlympusRPGGroup for news and updates.