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1×06: Day Six

  • We begin with a quick flashback to establish Chandler’s “MacGuffin.”
  • Back to the present, John and Reece have come under fire from Howard the prepper but, with Shane’s assistance, they talk the guy down and manage to convince the guy to let them enter. Not trusting this guy entirely, John decides to stay outside with James. Everyone else (except Robert who continues lounging in the truck) descend into the bunker where they discover that in addition to the dude, there is a timid-looking woman named Michelle present.
  • In the bunker, pleasantries and information is exchanged before Howard shows the team around the bunker itself so they can admire how well everything is setup. During this, first Chandler, then Reece are able to discreetly chat with Michelle, during which they both learn that she’s not here willingly. While Howard is showing Chandler and Wells the gun room, Reece tells Michelle to get out … this leads to Howard wildly overreacting to the sound of the door being opened & closed. He locks Chandler and Wells in the gun room and charges out, opening fire on Reece the moment he sees him. Reece retaliates with better aimed shots and drops Howard (but doesn’t kill him.)
  • Following this, the team attempt to figure out their next steps with Reece opting to take both Howard and Michelle to the local Jackson police department. While there, they learn that a large majority of the people are packing up and getting out of Jackson because, since the EMP, they’re now down to the last dregs of their supplies. Meanwhile, back at the bunker, the rest of the team are raiding the heck out Howard’s guns and other supplies, opting to “borrow” his better truck.
  • The team spend the night at the bunker, then head out the following day, intent on heading toward Buffalo where Chandler has certain photographs stored that he wants to recover. While en route, they find themselves pausing in various communities to pass on information, much to Heinlein’s frustration who thinks that’s a waste of time.
  • En route to Buffalo, while on a causeway that leads to a bridge, the team observe a bus approaching from the opposite direction. Chandler actually notes that these guys are armed and passes on a warning to his allies; as feared, the bus turns hard in an attempt to block the route and armed thugs pile out and begin setting up ambush points. Far behind them, the crew can hear motorcycles revving up as they lunge out of concealment. Unfortunately for these ambushers, John now has a squad automatic weapon in his possession and he pops up onto the roof of the truck to clear the path. Wisely, the would-be ambushers opt to get the hell out of the way and not pursue.
  • After pausing to warn the various communities about the would-be ambushers, the team press on toward Buffalo. A little before they are able to enter the city, they observe an old plane that has crashed in a nearby field. This is a very old plane, but has obviously recently been downed. Chandler immediately diverts his ATV toward the plane to investigate while Reece stops the truck to wait. Heinlein setups to provide cover with the SAW.
  • And then, he sees a freaking UFO…

Player Notes:

  • The delay in this recap is entirely my fault. I was feeling lazy. Again. Plus, I was reading the new Dresden Files book.
  • Not a whole lot to actually discuss here. The game was fun and we managed to avoid getting sucked into a potentially ugly firefight.

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