Company of the Bere

Live Stream

Year One: The Paladin Escort Job

  • Begins at Heroes’ Guild Tavern, catching up. Given a task by Reyvanna the Black to escort Ser Bryton Good-Heart who needs some muscle to wipe out a necro cult. They are to meet him at the Low Market at dawn near fountain. Everyone departs to prep.
  • Meet Ser Bryton in morning. Several of the characters fanboy over him. Depart and travel; the Company are surprised that Bryton removes his kit to be “incognito.” Stop overnight at traveling hostel. Murdok has a dream regarding a dude suffering from Burning Pox.
  • Arrive at Taxford. Pay toll. Bryton sends the Company to deal with some tasks while he goes into a brothel!: Dustan goes shopping; Leodan finds a beggar to pass on a message; Murdok goes to collect a 50 pence debt; Getwelle goes to a church to get a relic (the REAL one) (which he ends up stealing); Kenrick loiters and is spoken to by a man wanting to speak to Ser Bryton.
  • Camp overnight, then in the a.m., Ser Bryton goes fishing while sending PCs to scout out possible village. PCs have Leo scout ahead, then circle back to keep an eye on Ser Bryton. Village seems semi-deserted with skittish locals & a super pissy church leader. Return to Ser Bryton to let him know.
  • Leo observes Ser Bryton interrogate a dude (water board). Learn of cult at village due to Truthsayer spell. Kit up and attack. Ser Bryton reconsecrates altar while we hold off cultists. Getwelle hits the cultist leader with Command, causing him to drop several magic things so Leo & Murdok are able to drop him. Kenrick & Magnus lance a foe, slaying him instantly. The rest break.
  • Ser Bryton reveals that he’s going east to investigate the growing Evil that has been chasing him.
  • Mission successful!

Player Notes:

  • Getwelle’s attempt to get the relic was an amusing mess as he failed a Fast Talk check, thus angering the priest. He ended up grabbing the relic and running. This marks the second time that we’ve failed a critical event in this run.
  • Everyone kind of figured out (or at least started to suspect) that Bryton was sending everyone off in random directions to distract attention from the bad guys chasing him.
  • As before, this is missing a bunch of background stuff. Just doing the minimum for the outline!

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