Company of the Bere

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Year One: The Princess Rescue Job, Part 1

  • A month has passed since the missing monk job. The Company have been urgently summoned to the castle and an audience with the king. Accompanied by Válaris, they learn that the princess has been abducted by unknown parties who have issued absurd demands that are to met quickly or she is to be sacrificed. Worse, a visiting Antagonese prince – Vayne Gronwy – was present when this was read aloud and has declared his intention to rescue her … and to be given her hand as a reward. Said prince has already departed.
  • The king does not wish this and, as a result, has enlisted the Heroes’ Guild and the Company of the Bere who. As they saved the princess already, it is hoped that their presence will ensure she cooperates with them. Fortunately, the location of the princess has been identified (roughly) via magic so they know where to look. The Company accepts this charge and rush to prepare.
  • While preparing, Lëodan is met by Shepherd Tymorus who informs him that the circle of druids is aware of this mission and agree that the princess must not marry this Antagonese prince; to assist him, a ranger named Rikkon will be waiting for him at the Colored Animal Inn in Highroad to provide him with a shortcut to the ruins of Summoner’s Rock.
  • Simultaneously, Dustan is summoned before the Wizard’s Council at the Spire and told in no uncertain terms that the princess must marry Prince Vayne to avoid placing a Lionheart upon the throne. Later, when hearing of his mission, his former mentor, Magister Mintôr, tells him a riddle about pausing to reflect when victory is his, hinting at use of the Mirror.
  • Four hours after their audience with the king, the Company sets off. They press on into the night, then set out again before dawn. By the third day, they have caught up with the prince’s band and spend the night at the same inn. There, the Antagonese noble is enraged when Lady Waygon, Getwelle’s odd … beast, spits upon him, and he demands that it be butchered, but Getwelle, aided by Dustan, convince the prince that this spittle is actually quite conducive to healing due to rare properties. It is just believable enough (or adequately confusing) to cause the prince to withdraw him demand.
  • The Company is on the road some time before the prince the following day and reach Highroad just before noon where Lëodan meets up with the ranger he was promised would be there, who provides them with the shortcut; he also agrees to stall the prince in whatever way is best while the Company head up on foot.
  • Upon reaching a ruined temple with multiple guards, the Company approaches relatively openly (although Lëodan is stealthing in on oblique angle). Warriors in Nefarian colors and arms emerge, led by a Mysterious Stranger who has smoke emerging from his mouth but no pipe! This Stranger reveals that they have been waiting for the adventurers and orders his men to attack … but is then somewhat surprised at how quickly and easily the Company cuts through their Enemy. He retreats into the temple, blasting fire from his mouth at Ser Kenrick who is in the vanguard, but vanishes completely afterward.
  • Deeper in the temple, the Company find the princess and two unfamiliar women chained up. While they are being released from their chains, Dustan recalls Magister Mintôr’s words and uses the Mirror. He is shocked at what he sees.
  • The woman wearing the face of the princess … is not the princess.

Player Notes:

  • As I told the GM, this was probably my favorite session of the entire run. Everything was clicking and firing on all cylinders. The chase was effective, considering we didn’t know how far ahead the opposition actually was; the confrontation with the French … sorry, Antagonese Jerk was entertaining; and the fight was one of the few where we all contributed and felt like legit Dungeon Fantasy badasses.
  • Murdok’s player was late due to a scheduling issue, but he showed up just as we were able to depart the Capital and enter the Chase.
  • In retrospect, Kenrick probably should have intervened more during the encounter with the Antagonese prince but to be honest, I was too busy giggling over the angle that Getwelle’s player took with regards to his fast-talk.
  • Also in retrospect, Kenrick probably should have entered the fight with the Nefarian dudes differently; instead of a “give us the princess and we’ll let you live” angle, it should have been more “this does not have to end in a fight. Let’s negotiate … no? Okay, then we’ll fight.”
  • This marks the first blatant actions by the evil Overlord’s Nefarian forces in the campaign thus far. As a player, I’m presuming that Nefaria is tied in some way to the Magpie guy, but we don’t have any proof of that. Yet.

See the Daniverse Blog for the GM’s post-game debrief.