Command Crew of the Graceful Dame

Live Stream

II-IV. Havana, Cuba. Friday, February 17, 1725 Anno Domini

  • We dial back a day earlier to handle some shore business that was missed. During this time, Captain Hayden and Sir Randel go seeking records, principally for the captain’s son, Matthew with Sir Randel serving as a translator; Mister Lucroy begins asking around about Phillipe and has a brief interaction with Captain Alain Eberard du Pré, of the Le Chasseur, unaware that this man has also come up in Captain Hayden’s investigation; and, of course, the previously established escapades of Leftenant Rogers seeking information with Doctor Spenser serving as his translator. Later in the day, Sir Randel breaks off by himself, seeking out a high society gathering; here he meets the lovely Miss Amira Mercedes de Luna and helps her out of an awkward social situation. She seems charmed and agrees to meet him the following day at noon.
  • Cutting back to the scene with which the previous session ended, Leftenant Rogers tries to glean more information, but his lack of proficiency with the language makes this quite difficult and he ultimately withdraws, having learned only that the warden seems to have been involved. He makes his way back to the city proper, intent on finding the doctor again.
  • Doctor Spenser is conducting the initial merchanting duties, having traveled to one of the outlying plantations to discuss the selling of goods. He is also delighted to see a substantial library and the owner reveals that several of his fellow land owners have been attacked by mysterious figures in black robes and cowls who have ransacked their libraries!
  • Sir Randel meets with Miss Amira and agrees to give her a tour of the Graceful Dame. She then invites him to another soiree that evening, which he eagerly accepts.
  • Captain Hayden conducts normal ship business as is his wont and then goes ashore, intent on seeking out the identity of the mysterious Captain du Pré in the hopes of finding out why the man was also looking into Matthew Sumner, before discovering that Mister Lucroy is watching a lovely French brig. They have a conversation where Mister Lucroy reveals the previous day’s conversation with Captain du Pré.
  • Upon returning to the city proper, Doctor Spenser is again pressed into translator duties for Leftenant Rogers. With Dora tagging along, they return to the prison, confirm that the warden evidently departed with several soldiers and an unidentified man, likely the very Mister Rodney that the leftenant is seeking. Eventually, they discover a ring of soldiers (and an officer) surrounding an Englishman digging a deep hole. Miss Dora approaches openly, which causes all of the Spanish soldiers to wheel around to face her … and the man digging the hole takes this momentary distraction to flee. A foot chase ensues, with Leftenant Rogers quickly darting farward while Doctor Spenser and Miss Dora fall way behind. The man who might be Mister Rodney manages to escape astride a horse that he steals, leaving exhausted soldiers in his wake. Leftenant Rogers is quite frustrated.
  • Sir Randel meets Miss Amira and escorts her to the social gathering where his smooth tongue quickly has everyone fascinated and impressed in equal measure. He intentionally praises Miss Amira as the ‘belle of the ball.’ Sir Randel is also faced with a choice: an expert treasure hunter familiar with Campeche he would like to meet is leaving Havana tomorrow but Miss Amira has been invited to a hunt she would like him to accompany her as the odious miscreant from their first meeting will likely be there. Sir Randel quickly declares that he would be honored to escort her.
  • Having gotten quite turned around during this chase, Doctor Spenser and Miss Dora begin making their way back to the city proper when a carriage approaches. The door opens, revealing … Damian Rush.

Player Notes:

  • Usually, I’m way too verbose in these, so I’m actively trying to dial back my outline. Unfortunately, this one got a little out of hand…
  • Still down Davino’s Player. He’s also scheduled to be out next week as well.
  • Damian Rush first appeared back in season 1, episode 5 where Doctor Spenser grew suspicious that the man was actually Fae. Still, it’ll be more interesting now as Spenser has gained some detect magic abilities, although he can’t quite control them (Uncontrollable modifier.)

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