Command Crew of the Graceful Dame

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II-X. Ashore at Campeche, Yucatán. Wednesday, March 1, 1725 Anno Domini

  • The night before the expedition sets out, Mister Lucroy has an odd Dream about the Old Man. Monsieur Boissonade is present in the dream as well, though Mister Lucroy cannot interact with him.
  • The expedition sets out with a Señor Juan Chipahua as their guide. They have multiple porters and donkeys.
  • Late in the day, a pair of skulkers ambush them with a rudimentary cannon, firing a burst of grapeshot into the middle of their party. Three of the porters are hit and Mister Davino is narrowly missed. Even as Doctor Spenser scrambles toward the porters to triage their injuries, the other members of the expedition seek cover in expectations of a second barrage while Mister Davino charges toward the attackers, his blood up. The ambushers opt to flee but one of them is dropped with a spectacular shot by Captain Hayden. Once he is stabilized and interrogated, they learn only that a fellow going by the name “Fish” hired them to delay the expedition.
  • Following the overnight camp, it is decided to send the wounded back on donkeys, even though Doctor Spenser greatly dislikes this. From there, the rest of the expedition continues onward, eventually reaching a cenote camping site. That evening, while Captain Hayden is on watch, he hears a splash and sees Señor Chipahua floating in the water, facedown. The alarm is raised, Sir Randel and Doctor Spenser retrieve Señor Chipahua, and the doctor is able to stabilise him. In the process, he is able to determine that Señor Chipahua is suffering from snake poison, but there are no signs of a snake bite though it could be a dart. The expedition looks for a dart but finds none.
  • In the morning, Sir Randel talks the porters out of abandoning the trip. Doctor Spenser notes that one of the men seems suspiciously uncomfortable.
  • It is another long day of hiking. Doctor Spenser has a … moment, where he finds himself back in Bedlam being pressured to sign a document admitting that he is mad in order to see his wife, but he refuses, and the doctor morphs into the Master of Crows who mocks him and states that no one will trust him now. And indeed, the rest of the expedition is there, staring at him in confusion as he rants at a tree stump.
  • Sir Randel engages the suspicious fellow during a stop, pressuring the man to admit that he too was paid by the “Fish” person to use a blowgun against Señor Chipahua. Mister Lucroy discovers the blowgun in the man’s pack, and the porter flees. Sir Randel gets off an expertly placed leg shot, though it only seems a glancing strike at first (though the amount of blood is worrying). Monsieur Auclair’s temper flares and charges into the jungle, bellowing that he’s going to kill the traitor; he returns soon after, claiming the man seems to have bled out. Doctor Spenser follows-up on this and, indeed, Sir Randel’s shot seems to have struck an artery. The expedition does not simply leave the body in the open; instead giving him a proper Christian burial with Captain Hayden speaking some words over the body.
  • They continue on the following day, reaching what they presume to be The Treasury late. Monsieur Boissonade has his own destination to seek and Sir Randel follows his intuition, using the Compass to identify where he thinks the Treasury entrance is. With Doctor Spenser tagging along behind him, they find an open hole in the ground … and see the glint of gold…

Player Notes:

  • Full house.
  • Really late recap. I have no real excuse apart from laziness. Again, trying to minimize the size of these recaps … could probably cut some stuff out of this one as well be see before-mentioned laziness.
  • During the flashback section at the beginning, it is established the Mister Lucroy discovered and decided to keep the Ring that Doctor Spenser abandoned.

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