Insurgent Team Vanguard

Live Stream

Episode 4: Twilight Hunters, Part 4

  • The moderately fast chase ensues, with Darrrill and Nim driving, while Bostco, Luck and Tina shoot at their pursuers. Between a mixture of luck and skill, the Team manage to escape, causing both pursuing speeders to crash and/or explode.
  • The team gets to the hangar bay without further incident, although a lot of people are confused as to what was going on. They begin to load up the weapons on a YT-2400 conveniently parked here while Darrrill heads to their already captured ship and begins to prep.
  • Over the station loudspeaker, a grievously injured Ral’Torak reveals their actions and puts a bounty on their heads … which naturally prompts a number of the ne’er-do-wells in the hangar bay to draw weapons and engage. A fierce skirmish ensues that leaves a lot of dead pirates on the deck.
  • And without further ado, both of the captured pirate ships roar out of the hangar and flee the Twilight Vale before making the jump to lightspeed. They leave behind them an enraged pirate captain …

Player Notes:

  • Full house again.
  • This recap is very late. I took a break from working on them for NaNoWriMo 2023 and then inertia just took over…
  • Again, I’m intentionally trying to keep these outlines short instead of getting overly verbose like I do sometimes. There is a lot of stuff that happened during the session that I didn’t mention in the outline … see?! I’m getting overly verbose again!