14-MAR-2173 (21:42:13)

I received orders today.  Captain Martyn Brierfield of the Emerald Monarch accepted my application and invited me to join his crew.  It’s a deep space merchant freighter headed into Vilani space, “to explore and develop trade/merchant connections deep within the Imperium.”  Whatever.  He said I would be serving double duty as gunner and security, but the ship has no weapons system!  He hinted that there would indeed be something for a gunner to do during the mission, so I suppose the plan is to pick up some armaments later.  But I’m packing all my guns and armor along with my databases and vaccsuit, just in case.  A Terran ship without guns in Imperium space is likely to need some serious security sooner or later.

Either way, I’m ready to get back into action.  My first gig out of the military certainly feels like a fresh start.  Maybe, just maybe, this time everything won’t go quite so horribly wrong.

Duty report: weapons and ammo cleaned and inspected, armor inspected, diagnostics run on vaccsuit and all electronics, gear secured and ready for stowing.

… end log