15 March 2173

I just got some good news yesterday.  I have had several leads on Engineering positions and one of them is paying off.  The Emerald Monarch has a Chief Engineer position open and I have been asked to join her crew.  Since this is my first time as a Chief, I am really looking forward to the challenges.

The news is bittersweet however.  I will have to leave Megs for a least a year.  This will be hard for me as this is my first real relationship since Sarah.  It took so long to heal after her death that I hope the separation from Megs won’t be permanent.

On a brighter note, I get to bring Jenny II.  She still needs some work, like new carb jets, but I’ll have the time that I need and she will be a good distraction from the fact that Megs is not there.

Well, the shuttle just landed and it is the last one to the spaceport for the day.