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Emerald Monarch emerged from jump on target (+/-1km) in Shikasu system at <time><date>

Began plotting course for mainworld.  Five minutes later, sensors alarmed a radiation burst.  Identified source of burst as sensor contact: 2kton branch freighter at <range><bearing>

Comms reported a distress call specifying catastrophic engine failure.  I verified by sensors that the call came from the same branch freighter.

Captain responded to the distress call, I laid in course to the freighter.  Target was ballistic on a non-contacting course consistent with having performed no course changes since emerging from inbound jump.  Emerald Monarch matched vectors with target.

Close sensor and visual sweep showed massive damage, debris, and casualties.  No evidence of power to the vessel.  Engineering reported damage appeared consistent with catastrophic reactor failure.  Positively identified vessel as belonging to a powerful vilani trading company <library link to company data>

Captain sent section chiefs for a closer look in the air/raft to report feasibility of a rescue attempt.  Engineer confident that a rescue attempt can be made safely, so we proceeded to board at a fore airlock.  Made contact with surviving crew members and brought them on board the Emerald Monarch as their emergency life support was nearly exhausted.

Ships from the mainworld arrived in a few hours and relieved Emerald Monarch of the vessel’s survivors.  Captain provided Emerald Monarch’s sensors logs to the owning company’s responding ship, at the suggestion of Mr. Adler.  Representative of the owning company expressed gratitude.

Performance of all personnel was without flaw, but I would like to specifically mention exemplary contributions of the boarding party <list names>, the doctor, and comms, who each executed their duties with uncommon skill and vigor.

Emerald Monarch proceeded to mainworld, docked, and began 5 day ground cycle.

Scheduled bridge crew leave.  Sought freight and speculative cargo opportunities for our next leg. <list of possible cargoes with per ton profit analysis attached>

Received a meeting request for the captain and set up the meeting per his instructions.  Meeting was with the owners of the ship we assisted.  Captain received and shrewdly seized upon an opportunity to run what seems to be a very lucrative route for a few months while repairs are made to that ship.



I’ve spent most of the first couple weeks of travel running diagnostics on the upgraded systems to evaluate their operating functionality.  Everything checked out in the shipyard, but shipyard and space are two different operating conditions.  So far, the results look very good.  The captain has informed me that along with our primary goals, we are also tasked, albeit passively, to collect as much intelligence we can upon the Vilani.  Considering the buildup going on at Nusku, it seems clear the Confederation thinks the next Interstellar War is imminent.  I can’t say that I’m surprised but I do hope it holds off until we’re back home.  A war could provide us with some very lucrative opportunities but it’s surely to put us in far more danger. 

The crew seems to be settling in well, I’ve been most impressed with the security department.  They have shown a very wide range of skills and a can do attitude.  If we can continue this high level of operation and further develop the skills of the crew, this ship could very well be one of the best around.  Only time will tell here.  I look foward to doing my part.

…end log

14-MAR-2173 (10:13:20)

It looks as if my two month vacation is finally over.  I was contacted by the Captain Martyn Brierfield of the Emerald Monarch and offered the first officer position.  I gladly accepted and offered my skills and abilities to help the mission succeed to the fullest.  It’ll be interesting being on a new ship, the layout is very similar to the Yankee Clipper, but I’m sure the noises will be different (they always are).  I wondered for sometime if I was ready for the first officer position, Captain William has told me I’ve been ready for more than a year. Well more exactly, “If I don’t go find a job he was kicking me off his ship to force me into a higher one,” which, to his credit, he did.  The time at home and corporate HQ have done well to remove any lingering doubt about the new opportunity, more an ancy now than anything. 

The rest of my gear will be up in a day or so.  I’m having my sidearm cleaned and serviced along with the comm gear.  The biosniffer had to be sent out for calibration as well.  I intend to look over the refit record to get a feel for the changes, as well as trying to contact the last engineer of the vessel to find out any quirks we might need to be aware of.  When time, I need to review the crew with the captain to get his choices for the other positions and any thoughts.  The captain hopes to be underway by weeks end, should be a busy week.

…  end log