I’ve spent most of the first couple weeks of travel running diagnostics on the upgraded systems to evaluate their operating functionality.  Everything checked out in the shipyard, but shipyard and space are two different operating conditions.  So far, the results look very good.  The captain has informed me that along with our primary goals, we are also tasked, albeit passively, to collect as much intelligence we can upon the Vilani.  Considering the buildup going on at Nusku, it seems clear the Confederation thinks the next Interstellar War is imminent.  I can’t say that I’m surprised but I do hope it holds off until we’re back home.  A war could provide us with some very lucrative opportunities but it’s surely to put us in far more danger. 

The crew seems to be settling in well, I’ve been most impressed with the security department.  They have shown a very wide range of skills and a can do attitude.  If we can continue this high level of operation and further develop the skills of the crew, this ship could very well be one of the best around.  Only time will tell here.  I look foward to doing my part.

…end log