Unconquerable, Part VII

As the crew gazed out the port into the hangar bay at their competitors’ ship, the Aegis, Ella thought better of trying to take her. Buck, disappointed, offered to do some mischief to her instead, and the captain agreed, hoping to impede any effort to give chase. There was some discussion about what to do with Trois, their prisoner, as they had no further use for him; he insisted he should be let go, as there was no harm he could do to them before they could leave, but they decided to have Abe sedate him, and, unconscious in his vacc-suit, stand him out of the way for his compatriots to find later, as they leave (should they get past the 300 or so waking Zhodani crew and myriad securitybots). The Crew took their turns cycling through the airlock into the hangar bay, bringing the stretcher-bound Jones in his patched-up vacc-suit, and Smith’s lifeless body. Haank and Buck split off and sidled up to the enemy ship, Buck with his toolbox, intent on welding shut the ship’s outer hatches, while the others floated over to the Spinward Star, to get it started up for takeoff.

In no rush and attempting to minimize any telltale vibration on the hull, Buck saw to the welding, starting with the only personnel airlock they could find on the unfamiliar model, while Haank provided security. They then sneaked around to seal off the dorsal shuttle-bay, followed by the cargo hatch to the rear. Most of the way through sealing the cargo hatch, Sam called over from the Spinward Star to inform them that the persons they were observing on the bridge of the enemy ship had left; the announcement preceded the arrival of an unfamiliar, angry face, apparently shouting at the two through a window from inside the ship’s cargo bay. As he finished, Buck facetiously demanded of the stranger in the window that he “sign off on the work order.” A heartbeat later, Buck and Haank felt a jolt from inside the ship, as the cargo-hatch motors strained at the weld in an unsuccessful attempt to break open. Laughing, the two started toward the Spinward Star, when Sam alerted them to the fact that the ship’s dorsal turret was sweeping for them. Buck and Haank, out of the weapons’ fire arc for the moment, briefly discussed how they might disable them; Buck decided that taking a hammer to the lasers’ optics would be too slow, before Haank offered to risk personal vaporization to shoot it dead with his under-barrel–mounted gauss shotgun pistol (loaded with HEMP rounds—certainly capable of penetrating the ship’s armor). Buck agreed to draw their attention while Haank got into position behind the turret. Once in position, Haank nearly emptied the shotgun’s magazine into the turret, desperately leaping out of the line of fire as it quickly turned around to fire at him…and fizzled, no longer functional. Haank’s jump clear left him drifting, but he expertly caught himself at the next opportunity and made his way back to the Spinward Star, to join the rest of the Crew.

With all aboard, Sam set the ship moving toward the exit; Haank took up position at the gunners’ station, just in case. The Aegis also took off a heartbeat later, in mad pursuit, being essentially unarmed; she jerked upward from below, attempting to slam the Spinward Star into the ceiling of the hangar bay. Sam tried to maneuver the ship out of the way, but ended up scraping deeply into the structure (the damage would turn out to be mostly cosmetic). He recovered from the impact to find the Aegis backing off for another go; Sam pressed hard for the exit, trying to position the ship such that Haank could fire from the ventral turret. As the enemy ship jerked upward again, this time, Sam rolled the Spinward Star just out of the way, at the same time that Haank got off a lucky shot at the ship’s bridge, both resulting in the Aegis crashing itself into the structure hard enough to wedge it in, stopped dead and stuck fast. Not only was the pursuit ended, but the crew of the Aegis were now unlikely to be able to escape the Zhodani vessel at all.


The Spinward Star left the Unconquerable behind, having lost a crewmember and gained nothing in return—except a few containers of 10-year-old military weapons and vehicles. There was plenty of time to contemplate their next move in the day or two it took to get to the nearest gas giant in the system to refuel. Once fueled, they jumped-out for Kinorb, without incident.


  • We were missing Abe’s player this week, again, but it was just as well, as he really wouldn’t have had much to do
  • Buck really wanted to break the laser optics with a hammer or something, but the rules aren’t quite geared for that sort of thing. It probably should have been possible, but by RAW, he would have to break through 10dDR with a blunt instrument, or 5dDR if considered a “targeted attack”—still a lot of non-ablative DR. On the other hand, it should be able to withstand a micrometeorite hit, so maybe it’s right?
  • First time using Haank’s shotgun pistol w/ HEMP; turns out he could literally shoot down a starship with it, at 6d×3 (5)—had been avoiding using it in close quarters due to fragmentation, but it would have vaporized those androids
  • The GM had us make a Reaction check for the Aegis crew as we left, to see how they would handle the “mischief”; rolled a 7—“not well,” apparently
  • This session was the end of this run, so it was a bit short; good stopping point. Time to rotate to another campaign. This one has gone reasonably well, and will likely return in the near-future