The Grassland Plains of Wallace

The Holding of Wallace is considered by many to be the agricultural center of Caithness.  With more water than all lordings that border the great desert, Wallace has the most water and the most suitable climate for grain production and raising cattle and sheep.

Over 250,000 people call Wallace and its surrounding farmland home. The castle of Wallace is large and fortified for the history of conflict in the region.  Beyond this center, is a modest market and city but the majority of the population is spread out as far as 100 miles from the Castle.

Thunder of Wallace, Captain Benwell

Lord Wallace I

Because of the need for defense of the areas threats and the vast distances needed to be protected, Wallace has what many consider the most fearsome cavalry units  in Ytarria.  Organized in small and mobile teams of 5-7, the Thunder of Wallace is battle-tested and has protected the holding very effectively.   Lord Wallace himself proved his courage by serving his holding in battle for many years before taking up his seat in the Castle.

Wallace Guard, Captain Brontus

In addition to the Thunder of Wallace, there is a loyal and capable mercenary unit called the Wallace Guard, led by Captain Brontus.  These troops are the first defense against the vile creatures that emerge from the desert to attack families, steal livestock and destroy homes.  It is through Brontus’ leadership that lizard-man and orc raiders, once such an enormous source of bloodshed, are no longer as frequent or as deadly for the citizens of Wallace.

With Lord Wallace’s health declining due to age, his son and current Commander of the Thunder of Wallace has slowly started to take over for his father.  With a reputation for bravery and leadership that even surpasses the legend of his father, Lord Wallace II is a popular and unanimous choice to follow his father’s footsteps.

Lord Wallace II

King Conall  is not very popular among the leadership and people of Wallace.  Lord Wallace I has used every chance he can get to publicly ridicule the current King for his response to Castle Defiant.  Formerly loyal to Conall’s father, Lord Wallace joined the Separatist movement almost 6 years ago.  However, Lord Wallace remains weary of the leadership and the course the rebellion has taken and is closer to declaring neutrality that marching on Carrick in mutiny.

Not having the economic and military support of Wallace is a huge  blow to the power of the King and the Monarchists.