Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm, Vapor, Rosco (+Kipper)

  • Called up by Claudia to meet at Reno’s; bought dinner, offered job on behalf of Artemus. Team left for job immediately after dinner.
  • Went to Artemus’s high-class residence, noticed strict security measures; greeted by illusory butler.
  • Met with Artemus, told of niece, Jennifer’s, unexpected disappearance, tasked to retrieve her. Allowed to inspect niece’s room; discovered runner’s gear in hidden closet compartment, identified some of her friends, secret computer notes suggesting Artemus was planning to use Jennifer for some magical experiment/ritual.
  • Arranged coffee-shop meeting with Jennifer’s friend; told of shadowrunning, as “Dancer,” fears of uncle’s motives.
  • Tracked Dancer to underground runners’ club, Fenris Nacht. Attempted to gain entry through front-door, ambushed by Dancer’s allies; survivor revealed they were running interference for her escape. Entered club via roof-door, using survivor as cover. After a brief standoff, given Dancer’s commlink on her behalf by bartender, told to await call. While waiting, researched security co. hired by Artemus.
  • Call received, told to meet at Club Penumbra.
  • Met Dancer at Club Penumbra, convinced to return to uncle with Team, intending to aid her escape after fulfilling the letter of the mission; spotted evidence of her “transformation,” later identifying her/them as possible shapeshifters, which would suggest that Artemus was actually trying to help. Upon leaving, ambushed at entrance by Artemus & co.; killed Artemus & co., while Dancer fled.
  • Made comm contact with Dancer, paid for job.
  • Informed Claudia of “success”; told to lay low for a couple of weeks.