Due to writer’s burnout on my part, I didn’t get around to doing the write-ups for this campaign run until a couple of months after the fact. As such, my OOC recollection isn’t as clear. I decided to assemble a general list of notes for the whole thing here instead of trying to remember little behind-the-scenes details for the individual sessions of the campaign. And so, here it is:

  • This second run marks the transition from being based on Fallout to Fallout 3. There are some obvious differences in the details from the original—the GM intended this to be the case. One such issue we kept encountering was having to stretch out the actual distances between locations on the map—the computer game has a visible range much lower than real-life—most of the locations we went to during this Run were within a five-mile radius on the game map (especially bad considering the blast radius of a typical nuclear weapon). The population of Tenpenny Tower was increased to around 150 or so, to make more real-world sense. Also, the Tenpenny/Dashwood backstory was tweaked
  • This campaign run features some of the longest periods of in-game downtime, a necessity due to the nature of the latter half; this was before the Casus Belli campaign
  • Oddly enough, a lot of the characters got to shine a little more in this Run, especially once the Tenpenny Tower operation got under way. Lance did a lot of inventing/gadgeteering, and made more than a few messes. Bob (the serial-killer) got to do some murderizing (though he didn’t get to use his dumbwaiter shaft…yet). Sly did a lot of social manipulation; he was definitely in his element for this op. Colt finally got to do some snipering, though not at the super-long distances he’s capable of—it’s a start (better than the first Run, where he never even fired the rifle)
  • The GM was certainly not prepared for the approach we ended up taking for dealing with Tenpenny. We’re actually not sure where to go from here now that it’s done—we had discussed just taking off and leaving someone we trust in charge, but it would be just as easy to re-base ourselves here
  • Bob’s response to Dashwood’s declaration at the end was apparently a totally unplanned, spur-of-the-moment thing, but perfectly timed and executed—even random-rolled the artery hit
  • It was determined as we were wrapping things up that Turk had examined the throats that were slashed and determined them to have been caused by the same blade, and likely the same killer, which in Dashwood’s case, he knew to have been Bob; Turk kept this info to himself, for now
  • For Run 3, we’re expecting to pick up around nine months after the end of Run 2. It will also occur post the release of Fallout 4 which could mean more changes to the lore