I have been remiss in my composition of this journal and I see now that my my memory oft times conflicts with what I have written. Also my keeping of time has been poor so I mean to correct this. By my reckoning which I will admit is not something that one can rely on this day marks the fifty-eighth day since we first crossed through the portal underneath Ferrier. It was May the Fifteenth in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Five which would make this day to be July the Fourteenth.

This entry and Auditore’s attempt to narrow down the date is often referred to as a starting point for all calculations, although experts generally agree with him that he is an unreliable source in this regard.

Upon the morrow we set forth to return to Yrth and I find myself strangely hesitant to leave this place. It is of little concern – we all must do what must be done no matter our personal desires. These Huallapans seem so ill prepared for the dangers that face them and I fear they will not long survive our departure should things go ill. It is a worry that must be set aside for now.

My concern for Auqui grows by the day, though I fear there is little I can do. He must grieve for his father in his own time. He listened to my own tale and I no longer think it wrong to take him with us. Here there are too many opportunities for a boy maddened with grief to throw away his life in a senseless gesture against the Vasar and I at least know his heart for it seems only yesterday that I was taking lives to avenge my own blood. I only hope that I am able enough teacher to help the boy progress beyond this madness.

In recent years, the Aybara Institute of modern Caemlyn has tentatively identified no less than twelve Church documents dating from 2007 BCE that seem to indicate Auditore may have adopted the “Hooded Man” identity he is strongly linked to in so much common lore due to misunderstandings between Auqui and Yrth authorities, especially clerical ones.[101] Two additional elven documents from the time period have been translated to common vernacular and lend credence to the current theory that Auditore is the basis for the “Master of Blades” cycle of stories that were so prevalent in the 2100’s [102], especially given the common link – a furious swordsman alternately hunting for or seeking vengeance for his lost apprentice.

After consideration I have extended an offer to both Lord Wallace and Radskyrta to provide addition instruction on bladework. Radskyrta already eclipses his master and his technique is more than adequate if sloppy and very much indicative of a guardsman but Wallace himself is barely better than Auqui who first picked up a blade not four weeks ago though the man thinks himself better than he truly is. He relies too much on might and I suspect his instructor knew not how to teach a man who is left-hand dominant as is Wallace. I will continue to press and have wondered if I can arrange to cross blades with him to show him how much work he truly need. Luck has been the man’s surviving grace though relying on such rarely goes well as luck tends to run out.

This last is especially ironic, given Wallace’s eventual fate.

The raft and Yrth await us tomorro[w]. Lord shelter and guide us.