My frustration at Auqui continues to mount and I pray God to grant me strength. Again he has disobeyed me and thrown himself into what he is ill prepared for. I know that at his age I was no different – young boys are rash and headstrong or they would not be boys at all – but I have little doubt his foolishness will lead to his death. It is past time to set aside the role of big brother and don the mantle of maestro. My first step was to chastise him – verbally and before others – for his foolishness though I suspect some of my fellows have acted the fool themselves and sought to undercut my authority. They I will speak to in private.

My second step is to take away his blade. This will anger him no doubt but until he acts worthy of it I will no allow him to carry steel. I had hoped that the death of his father would have struck home the point: this is not a game. To those unfamiliar with the forms it may look a dance but in this dance men die. I will not see this boy die because he thinks himself better than he is. Too long have I spared him the necessary discipline that Father drove into me – that must end now. This boy will not die while my student no matter his foolishness.

So help me God.

In my anger, in my frustration, I have neglected my own forms this day and the heat of the Desert only worsens my mood. I feel baked no matter that I was but hours ago drenched by the torrent that we carried over from the Otherside. It has been nigh on three months since last I was in this Desert and I had forgotten how much I mislike it.

The portal carried us through as intended and flooded the exit point with water sweeping many Vasar aside. Talon was struck from the raft and I dove in after. Together we retrieved the beacon and rejoined the others whereupon Pachacuti crafted a second smaller hole to carry us to an outcropping of rock many miles distant. Three of the Warriors came upon us then and Rainald and I fell upon them as Dane and Talon sent arrows upon them. It was here that Auqui sprang forward intent of joining the fray against my express wishes and were it not for the speed in which Rainald and I dispatched the beasts I expect the boy would have been injured.