First One-Shot:
Featuring: Gustav, Ditch, Switch, Reggie, Spark

  • Approached by Mr. Johnson, at The Pit, w/ job to rescue Yakuza-guy’s daughter from kidnapper(s)

Campaign, First Run:
Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm (+Vapor); Cameo: Gustav

  • Called up by Claudia & assembled for meeting at shooting range; meeting arranged w/ Herr Johnson
  • Met Herr Johnson at rental storage facility. A previous team of runners was hired by Herr Johnson to place a snooping device on a rival’s (Bosch-Klein) corporate network, but failed to extricate themselves smoothly, resulting in one team-member’s death, another’s incarceration by corporate authorities, with the remainder in hiding. Offered mission to erase evidence of the operation, and bring back the team members (dead or alive); mission accepted.
  • Gustav hired by the team to hack into Bosch-Klein via the “Arthur” backdoor, locate targets in custody, and erase documentary evidence of the operation; targets located.
  • Vapor rented getaway vehicle
  • Hit delivery truck carrying deceased target, Creep, to Saeder-Krupp for arcane interrogation en route, at intersection. Transferred target & gear to rented vehicle and torched company van.
  • Short on time & ordered by Herr Johnson to only return with all targets. Contacted Gustav, & arranged with his police contact to have incarcerated target, Gutter, picked up by the team 30min prior to scheduled release, with some appropriate palm-greasing.
  • Picked up Gutter at corporate security station. In progress, spotted by security officers, who pursued in security vehicles; managed to evade pursuers, after a brief chase.
  • Directed to Glowboy’s apartment by Gutter. Ambushed by bounty hunter team in apartment; defeated all but one who was operating remotely. Liberated Glowboy’s daughter.
  • Guided to safe-house by Glowboy’s daughter; remaining team located there. Discussed plan of action; safe-house determined to be compromised.
  • Ambushed again by bounty hunter team, in alleyway; fought back, using rented vehicle and targets’ vehicle as cover, & defeated all.
  • Immediately returned recovered targets to storage facility, & Herr Johnson. Got paid.