Duty Roster:

Ella Stanbridge (Melissa)
Ertrane “Buck” Buckner (Herodian)
Henri Haank Makruus (Gigermann)
Ibrahim “Abe” Nouri-Abbood (Rigil Kent)
Sam Turner (Winston)
Sae Rraetheg (CommJunkee)

Clearing the Heir

Note: This recap was finally posted about a year late (and post-dated) for…reasons. It is highly condensed as a result, and covers roughly four sessions.

  • Arrived at Risek; Ella took over as pilot, for practice.
  • At downport, contacted IISS regarding the Gloria Exodus; IISS comes over to take possession of the survivors.
  • Local press makes a big deal of the “discovery” and mobs the docks for a press-conference, photo-op; Eddy schmoozes, before heading off on his own.
  • “Lurker” spotted at the back of the press-conference.

  • Ella, Haank and Sae leave the ship for the bank to take care of ship’s business; followed by the “lurker.” Sae circles back and observes the lurker while the others enter the bank, and ends up calling the cops on him.
  • Lurker “bumps” Ella on her way to the postal service, drops a note in her pocket, which she reads later: “Vincent” needs discreet charter off world, leaves contact info, a time and phone number at a local bar.
  • Sae loses Victor when he leaves in a taxi.
  • Sam goes ahead to the bar, chats up the locals, and observes. Ella calls the bar for Vincent, discusses charter: he needs to get one passenger and himself off-world without entanglements, offers 10k/passenger, counters w/ 100k for no-holds-barred. “Sad Keanu” also spotted at the bar.
  • Local news: heir to Chandler Enterprises (private-owned local mega-corp) is missing after parents killed in accident; Crew figures that’s the guy.
  • Later, at the ship, Crew discusses possible plans, including a fake radioactives delivery to smuggle someone through customs.
  • Observe starport security processes, and determine vulnerability: sympathetic locals might look away or assist. Ella chats with laundry service lady.

  • Day 2
  • Vincent contacted again at specified bar at specified time. Sam already there, observing. Arrange in-person meeting at starport Brubek’s. Sam watches someone follow Vincent out of the bar, tails him. Sae picks up the tail at the starport, while Same stays with Victor.
  • Haank talks discreetly with Victor at the bar. Meanwhile, Sam enters, followed by Vic’s tail, followed by Sae. Haank discreetly switches out with Sam to continue conversation. The tail is observed checking for dead-drops. Sam leaves, and Haank goes to pay his tab, leaving Vic a scrambler code for mission updates.
  • Victor leaves, still followed by tail, still followed by Sae, who breaks off after a bit.
  • Day 3
  • Ella convinces the laundry lady to help their smuggling op.
  • Buck, with Abe’s help, A-Teams a “perfect” Wang-Chung laundry delivery van in the startown.
  • Sae pickpockets a Wang-Chung laundry driver’s SPA badge.
  • Day 4
  • Buck repurposes SPA badge for Haank. who will drive the truck. Taxi acquired.
  • Victor is informed of the plan: Bruss to be picked up and delivered through the laundry service to the ship, while Victor is picked up in a taxi, tail is shaken off, and walked through SPA security.

  • Sae Fast Talks Jones into his role in the heist.
  • Sam has to “fix” tag scanner for laundry guy when delivering spacesuits to the laundry.
    • Haank drives the truck to the safe-house, with Abe.
    • Bruss picked up, plus suitcase.
    • Abe and Bruss hide in laundry carts.
    • Haank delivers laundry to the starport and leaves with the suitcase (having removed and discarded the gun) before returning to the ship.
    • Abe almost gets dumped, has to tranq a laundry worker.
    • Bruss gets into visored spacesuit, and Abe escorts from staff entry to the ship.
    • Ella is at the ship on comms, directs traffic
    • Sae drives the cab, and arrives to pick up Victor, Jones in trunk; Vic’s tail slaps tracker on trunk
    • Under way, Jones and Victor swap clothes and positions.
    • Jones dropped off at bar (Dick & Pickle); new fare gets in, a couple, bound for Arcology B; tail follows Jones.
    • Jones heads for the bathroom, caught by tail; they struggle; Jones finds out about the tracker before escaping, informs the others.
    • Sae’s cab is followed by another vehicle; scares passengers with his driving as he speeds away. Loses tail with a lucky vertical track-change, tracker knocked off. Stops in Arcology B, let fares off, and takes a new cab back to the ship.
    • Jones loses (original) tail at crowded mall, and returns to the ship.
  • All flights delayed, security flagged; Victor is still outside starport and can’t re-enter.
  • Buck starts hacking, cancels customs flag on Vic and Bruss.
  • Crew departs without further incident.