Spinward Star, LLP

Letter of the Law, Part Two

  • On Mora, in the wake of his disastrous interview with local media, Eddy is contacted by Corbin Spiirs who points out that the interview has the hallmarks of a well-organized smear campaign. Eddy agrees to look into it while Spiirs reaches out to some of his contacts within the Rhylanor court. Unfortunately for Eddy, he is most definitely not an effective investigator and is easily distracted which results in him not learning a great deal.
  • On the second day of Adric Mason’s trial, Buck, Haank and Sae are called to testify; only after they are released from the witness booth do they realize that the defense attorney likely managed (with his carefully phrased questions) to minimize the efficacy of their testimony. They are released from the trial but instructed to stay in Wavecrest City in the event that they are called back to the witness booth..
  • Outside the temple, the crew encounter Kaylii Patterson whom they met on Pirema some years back. She’s grown up somewhat since then and sort of followed Haank’s example as she’s now in a ‘hitchhiking’ phase. Though he does not say anything just yet, Haank already begins making plans to potentially recruit her to the crew.
  • Buck, Haank and Sae accept an invitation to brunch from Lord Mika who admits to them that he is actively seeking a crew for the Miss Adventure and was contemplating offering the position to them … but the fact they employ a register psion has left him concerned. Both Buck and Haank defend the absent Ibrahim and Haank admits that they have not made a firm determination regarding how Spinward Star, LLC., moves forward now that Sam has returned, but that they will consider the lord’s offer, especially when it is revealed that Lord Mika is putting together an expedition to long distant Bael for lanthanum.
  • Having grown increasingly convinced that Mason is going to skate, Sae discreetly reaches out to the black market to purchase a gauss pistol he intends to use against the serial killer. As far as he is concerned, Adric Mason will not get off Mora alive.
  • On the third day, the ‘Voice of Maar Zon’ announces judgement: Not Guilty. Everyone is surprised by this (including both lawyers) but Mason’s attorney quickly perks up at the thought of the countersuits they intend to file. Outside, as he and Mason begin giving their post-trial statements to the press, one of the journalists steps closer … and shoots the acquitted serial killer in the face! The shooter is revealed to be none other than Valerie Vaskor. After ensuring that Mason is dead, she turns the weapon on herself…

GM Notes:

  • Loki was out this session
  • Ugh, this was a mess on so many levels that I don’t know where to even begin. In fact, I’m probably not going to say much about this – the less I think about it, the better. Move forward and start concentrating on the next session. Need to ensure that my run ends on a high note, not a “blech” note like this.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..