Spinward Star, LLP

Letter of the Law, Part Three

  • On Mora, in the wake of the shooting, Valerie Vaskor is rushed to the emergency room with Ibrahim while the crew remaining behind are interrogated by security and police. Eventually, however Korbin Spiirs arrives, accompanied by Envoy Dannica who is in pursuit of Breyon Sodhii. Upon learning that Buck saw him, she leaves immediately, intent on following.
  • Released by law enforcement, the crew re-assembled with Armin, J-Aris and Sae where they discuss the mess. Afterward, Korbin asks for the crew to accompany him to the Holiday Gala List as his entourage since, traditionally, nobles attending these galas are expecting to come with retainers.
  • The crew spend a day getting prepped – Buck and Sae must get replacement clothes while Haank coordinates with everyone else to setup a bodyguard rotation for Korbin. During the day, he and Buck receives a time-delayed message from Kendal Easting who reveals that he’s joined Tukera Lines because he is uncomfortable serving with a psion.
  • The day of the Gala arrives and the crew arrive with Sir Korbin at the Grand Concourse where they discover security heavily utilizes ‘bots and drones. With the nobility of the Spinward Marches assembling, the crew rotate through their protection detail with those not keeping an eye on Sir Korbin able to mingle and network.
  • Armin is frequently mistaken for someone else who is obviously highborn, so she hides out to avoid it while Buck sees a woman he knows from his past a pirate and sort of learns that she’s grifting. Eddy flirts with the countess of Natoko but then finds himself forced into a duel with her husband; despite his intent otherwise, Eddy kills Lord Natoko and attempts to depart the Gala is disgust and self-loathing. During this duel, Sae sees his former commanding officer conducting a covert hand-off. J-Aris counters a hacking attempt and then tracks down the origin. Haank interacts very briefly with Commander Angela Krin, then observes Sir Korbin speaking to a nobleman who is planning a pilgrimage to a far distant world called Cathedral in the Fessor sub-sector.
  • Hours after the Gala begins, Archduke Norris finally starts the official naming of nobles and begins with something completely unexpected: his kinsman, Countess Josephine of Efate, has been officially elevated to the position of Duchess of Regina by the emperor. This visibly enrages the Duchess of Mora for reasons that the crew are initially ignorant of (though they can observe from how the various nobility react that this is going to cause problems.)
  • Once the official part of the ceremony has ended, the archduke declares that the celebration proper must begin. Fireworks explode overhead … but suddenly, there is a massive electromagnetic surge that blows out the power. Darkness descends which causes surprise…
  • And then, armed terrorists drop out of the sky and begin shooting…

    GM Notes:

  • It stands to reason: I was so disappointed with the previous session that this one turned out to be something of a success. Eddy’s dueling misadventure went over especially well.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..