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Letter of the Law, Part Four

  • On Mora, the Holiday List Gala is abruptly interrupted by an attack by Ine Givar terrorists utilizing paralyzation gas to incapacitate the assembled the nobility. Sir Korbin manages to get Buck, Haank and Sae clear of the gas before succumbing to it. Sae breaks from the other two, intent on meeting up with Armin.
  • Armin is hiding out in the kitchen when the attack begins. She moves to investigate, then retreats upon observing that all of the combat bots appear to have been hacked. She heads toward the pre-designated rally point.
  • Eddy also is apart from the crew when the things go south and moves to investigate; like Armin, though, he retreats before the numerous bots. He observes (briefly) a woman he mistakes for Armin, then promptly encounters the actual Armin on the way to the rally point.
  • High above the massive hotel, J-Aris has located the Ine Givar drone that is acting as the data platform. He nestles in and begins hacking it.
  • Buck and Haank overhear a gun battle, then discover that it was Ine Givar fighting with one another. Among the corpses, they discover one who appears to be infected by the protomoss they encountered in the strange Otherplace on the other side of Corfu back in episode 3.12. Elsewhere, Eddy also sees similar soldiers before he and Armin link back up.
  • Eventually, the entire team link together just as J-Aris manages to defeat the sys-admin trying to prevent him. He kills the jamming, takes a couple of missiles against the hull of large drone, then shoots his consciousness down into a combat android. The team launch a plan to rescue Spiirs with Armin and Sae to draw fire. Unknown to everyone else, J-Aris is pushing a reset patch to the bots. On all drone feeds, the crew are observed heroically moving into action just as the bots turn on the terrorists with their stun weapons.
  • Once the situation is again under control and casualties are evacuated, Archduke Norris raises Sir Korbin to Baronet of Regina in gratitude for his retainers’ actions.
  • Several weeks pass following this event during which Spiirs officially buys out Ella who officially rejoins the Rhylanor Colonial Navy.
  • Sae is a partial witness to the murder of his former commanding officer, Edvard Leskinen but not before Leskinen manages to get some very dangerous information into Sae’s hands. This information calls into question the validity of the archduke’s identity which Sae knows is worth killing for…

GM Notes:

  • And that’s the season. I wasn’t quite as happy with this session as I would like – too much “telling” on my part and not enough letting the PCs driving. I had an alternate stopping point in mind and in retrospect, I should have gone with it instead because it would have been a lot more interesting and would have had a great WTF?!
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..