Dramatis Personæ

Forced Entry

The team continued to surveil the warehouse where CS:Bragi was taken, while Mahoney got in touch with an arms-dealer contact of his to fetch some local counter-terrorist gear. Then they phoned in an emergency, “armed men taking a hooded hostage into this warehouse,” before firing a few pistol shots near the phone to accentuate the threat. As expected, a Unit 777 response team arrived, led by National Security agent Ahmed El-Sisi—the team filed into the responders’ ranks unchallenged, wearing matching uniforms.

Suddenly, as the responders were getting set up for the raid, a car sped out of the warehouse. The agent pointed to Reilly and commanded him to get a car (Vega’s) and pursue it, which he did.

Their identities still undiscovered, Baum and Mahoney participated in the raid on the warehouse that followed. Due to the lead agent’s poor tactical decisions, the situation immediately erupted in a firefight with what turned out to be well-armed, elite Russian soldiers. There were many casualties on both sides. Mahoney survived a grenade by jumping into a dumpster, where he was then showered with bullets, and was badly wounded in the hand and leg. A few of the Russians managed to flee the scene. Afterward, Baum was able to get Mahoney medical attention, and entered the warehouse to find CS:Bragi strung up, badly beaten, and possibly dead—only he didn’t quite look “correct?”

Meanwhile, Vega and Reilly shadowed the fleeing car to a parking garage. Within, they were surprised as the car’s occupants were killed in an ambush by an SMG-wielding CS:Bragi. Vega drifted the truck around and knocked CS:Bragi off his feet against a barricade, and swung it around for another charge, as Reilly bailed out in-motion and charged up to the downed enemy. He held the shotgun at CS:Bragi’s face and demanded his surrender. Vega stepped out of the truck to see if the car’s occupants were in possession of the missing laptop case, when he heard their quarry say something in Russian to Reilly; Reilly responded, and calmly turned the shotgun to Vega and shot him twice in the chest…