Dramatis Personæ

Unsafe House

The team arrives at the safe-house arranged for by Lynch’s CIA contacts, a remote warehouse. The provided surgeon, Dr. Woodcomb, stabilizes Vladimir Medvedev, and also treats the less severely injured Reilly (CS:Njord), who later regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Lynch and Mahoney identify Ta’izz as their best chance to catch Breznikov (CS:Loki), while Baum and Brooks check in with their respective HQs.

Brooks hatches a plan to use his cover as arms-dealer bodyguard, and playing the victim, get Reilly to confide in him. In the same office-room as the drug-addled Reilly, Lynch “beats up” Brooks while demanding to know about Ta’izz, before getting “called away.” Afterward, Brooks notices Reilly struggling with a second “sleeper personality”; in his confused state, Reilly confirms that Breznikov was involved in the biological attack in Ta’izz. On the monitors in an adjacent room, the doctor, there to inform on the patients’ condition, points out an odd scar on Reilly’s head that might indicate some form of “conditioning.”

With Lynch in the room with Brooks and Reilly another time, the interrogation is interrupted by the CIA officer there to oversee the site, Walker, with eyes glazed over, as she enters and sprays Reilly with automatic fire from an AK74. Lynch tries to wrestle the weapon away from her, as she backpedals out to the balcony, where she is killed by Baum with some well-placed pistol shots. At the same time, the Doctor notices on the monitors that a breaching team—local UAE federal officers—is stacking up on the front door.

The team scrambles for their rifles as four officers burst through the door into the lobby; they pop smoke and storm toward the warehouse stairs. One officer’s flash-bang throw is interrupted by Mahoney’s; the stunned officer’s own flash-bang detonates at his feet. Brooks defends the stairs with Walker’s AK74, while Baum hangs back to cover his probable retreat, as Lynch fetches his own rifle and catches up. Meanwhile, Mahoney swings over the rail and drops to the warehouse floor below, covered in smoke, and lays suppressing fire on the stairs, effectively ending the fight. All but one of the officers is badly injured, the other taken captive.

The team immediately starts tear-down procedures, as the doctor informs them that the scanner is picking up more police traffic; backup is inbound. Reilly is, surprisingly, not dead. Brooks decides they should leave his former objective, Vladimir, behind for the police to pick up—he’ll live. The team then quickly packs up what intel they have, along with Walker’s body (so the CIA might not be implicated), and Reilly, and the doctor to try to save him, and they flee the scene.