Dramatis Personæ

European Theatre

The team observes, to their shock and confusion, that the fallen enemy at the warehouse objective were wearing masks of the ConsOps team members’ faces. Mahoney defuses a misfired Russian explosive, and Brooks starts clearing rubble from a basement entrance. Meanwhile, Lynch communicates with Chana, who warns of an incoming probably-American drone strike. As the team scrambles for cover, Mahoney saves the briefcase containing the contagion samples by hurriedly cutting off a dead enemy’s hand to which it was handcuffed. Some members are lightly injured in the explosion, and the team elects to hide and wait out the drones. Once they leave, the team quickly leaves the city and regroups with Chana, giving her the samples, as promised.

The team leaves amongst the WHO medical personnel who are vacating the camps, and catches the next flight back to Israel, where they can take a few days to recuperate, and sift through the intel they’ve gathered. They choose to go to Riga next; Medvedev (C/S) had arranged to smuggle some people there for Delacroix (C/S Bragi), which might include Breznikov (C/S Loki), and Brooks “knows a guy” there through his undercover work in Medvedev’s organization.

Brooks arranges to meet his contact, Andris Milic, Medvedev’s lieutenant, at a café often used for such meetings. The rest of the team blends in with the café patrons and keeps an eye out during the meeting. The contact reveals that Medvedev has been picked up by British Intelligence, and Milic is seeing an opportunity to take over the business; Brooks indicates he might be interested in helping. But the meeting is cut short when an unidentified “lookout” is spotted, kicking off a very-brief firefight with other assassins in the area, some arriving on motorcycles and some hiding amongst the café patrons as well. Brooks reveals he’s brought help, as police sirens close in the distance.