Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein a Caravan is Attacked…

  • A scouting party was sent from Castle Defiant, including Haruki Nakasato, Ilanna Hawkeye, Ismir ibn Al’Xavier, and Abyad al-Khalaf, to locate an inbound caravan.
  • Aramis de Sauvons is the last remaining fighting-man in Proximo’s caravan, inbound to Castle Defiant, bringing many freed slaves from the Djinn Lands.
  • The Defiant scouting party finds the caravan under attack by Gnollish thugs, believed to be under Kardswann’s orders to slay them all. The Gnolls are defeated and scattered, at the cost of several of the freed-slaves, and Proximo himself; Ismir is also injured.
  • Aramis is gifted a ring by a dying friend, one of the freed-slaves who was felled.
  • The combined parties return to Defiant to find a giant raven speaking with Gestlin the Unpredictable in the courtyard. The master-wizard is here to find Finn Sardock, who is not present, having been lost to the sands of the Djinn Lands—though only Haruki has any idea of this, from a dream.
  • Gestlin discusses with the PCs, deciding the symbol from Haruki’s dream is a symbol of a djinn, and suddenly casts a great spell…

Player Notes:

  • GM Commentary
  • This session consisted almost entirely of a combat, intended to introduce the new PCs and let everyone re-acclimate to the campaign