Company of the Bere

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Year One: The Thieves’ Guild Job

  • A fortnight later at the Guild tavern, receive a new mission from Joquo the Spider to accompany him as a bodyguard into the city. Go to the “Locksmith’s Guild” in East Side where Joquo has meeting with Boss Kappo.
  • The Company meets with Niklaz Nogood who they ran afoul of pre-campaign in a Noodle Incident who wants to start a fight, but is prevented by big guy and “Lady” Sirena.
  • Joquo returns, reveals attacks on Thieves’ Guild and on Gambee family in Burrow Hill. Now Kappo’s daughter, Vesta, has been abducted; they know where she’s held, but cannot assault due to The Agreement with the city.
  • The Company recon the building, then assault it with Leo going through upper window. The fight goes ill for the thugs, with one dying outright due to Dustan’s ice knife, another going catatonic due to fear of Murdok, and the rest yielding.
  • Escort Vesta back to Guildhall, discover Vigo Gambee present and accusing Kappo of attacking his son. The Company convinces him to allow them to retrieve the halfling.
  • At the Red Rondel brewhouse, the Company enters and politely informs they are here on a mission for both Bosses. Access the cellar to discover young Wido with some thugs, all of whom are drunk.
  • En route back to Thieves’ Guild, a black-hooded man appears on the rooftop and announces that great fame and wealth unimaginable was promised to him if he started a gang war. He bolts, but Getwelle shouts a magical command to STOP and Leo shoots the man, then pursues, easily capturing the badly injured man.
  • Learn that the black-hooded man was hired by the Magpie, then turn him over to the local constables.
  • Vigo Gambee is grudgingly satisfied by the Company’s actions and acknowledges he owes the Heroe’s Guild a Favor; Thieves Guild does the same. The Company returns to the Guild, victorious once again.

Player Notes:

  • The fight versus the thugs was kind of hysterical as it wasn’t really a proper fight … which made sense to be honest as it was a group of highly trained and badass warrior types against a handful of thugs. Fronjavier kind of lost himself to giggles over when his foe freaked out.
  • Kenrick was pretty … uncomfortable with this whole working with thieves and brigands, even though technically, the Thieves’ Guild is a proper Guild so its technically legal.
  • Fronjavier is going to be out next week, but we’re playing anyway.

See the Daniverse Blog for the GM’s post-game debrief.