Company of the Bere

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Year One: The Guffinhall Job

  • A week later at Heroes’ Guild celebrating St. Victus’ Day. Receive a letter from Lady Rayna Starkweather seeking aid. Murdok is unable to go due to Smith’s Guild obligations.
  • The Company kits up. Ser Kenrick has letters to carry to Stagwood, Dustan receives a mission to seek out a book for Magister Hokus. They depart the following day.
  • Reach Stagwood Castle late in the day. Kenrick delivers letters, visits family, visits his mother’s grave as tomorrow is anniversary of her death (and thus, his birth); Leo has Loner time; Dustan visits small library; Maykew spends time in kitchen.
  • Depart following morning and reach Lordsbury late that eve. Depart again very early. Reach Draftley Keep late in the day. Inquire of Mayor Robard of Fortsbury about book; sent to priory where they retrieve an immense tome that weighs as much as a man. Quickly opt to purchase a cart that Getwelle can drive.
  • Head to Guffinhall where small wedding feast for local kids is winding down. Lady Starkweather is pleased to see them. Meet her reeve, Dorran, who reacts to Kenrick, claiming he looks just like his former lord, Randyl Starkweather. At Guffinhall proper, observe a portrait of Rayna’s father, Lord Randyl, who looks very much like an older Kenrick.
  • Lady Rayna explains how she reclaimed her lands – the sale of it to an Antagonese baron was declared illegal by the duc – and she’s been dealing with the aftermath, including a “monster” causing trouble that she’s convinced the baron is behind. They decide to patrol around midnight, which gives them time to relax. Ser Kenrick, to avoid staring at the portrait some more, deals with Ser Magnus shenanigans; Dustan spends time reading through this massive Tome; Leo patrols; and Maykew discovers Randyl Starkweather’s “conquest” cards, one of which has his mother’s name upon it.
  • Around midnight, they join the patrol and, after several hours, the monster appears. The Company attacks what seems to be a construct of bones; it flees and Ser Kenrick orders that they let it go but follow it to its master. The thing enters Antagonese lands and enters some barrows where the Company discover a man named Sorcil, who Lady Rayna recognizes. He wants her – she reacts with an Ewwww – and states that when he finishes the spell, great fame and wealth unimaginable will be his. Skeletons are raised and attack!
  • The battle goes ill for Sorcil who is captured. He admits that the Antagonese baron is responsible and that he was given this spell by the Magpie. Lady Rayna declares him Outlaw and Dustan burns the spell. The Company helps her take many loots that she will sell to help her people.
  • Successful, the Company departs Guffinhall the following day after Ser Kenrick tells Lady Rayna (who might be his half-sister) that, should she need aid, she only needs to send word to him and he will come. Maykew borrows the cards, intent on asking questions of his “landlady” (whose name is also here).

Player Notes:

  • Fronjavier was out this session due to other obligations
  • So now, Kenrick knows – or at least strongly, strongly suspects – that Rayna is his half-sister, and Maykew is on the verge of realizing that he is also their half-brother.
  • Next up is the King’s Wedding and Tourney … troubling for Kenrick is that he’s not received an invitation, which has been his objective for quite some time now.
  • We’ll be off for two weeks due to a scheduled break for some vacation stuffs.

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