Company of the Bere

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Year One: The Tournament Job, Pt 2

  • The following morning, after chasing off the assassins, the Company are summoned to a meeting with Master Umbras, the king’s seneschal whom they saved the night before. Along the way, they are stopped by one of Joquo’s agents who warns them that the strike will be during the wedding.
  • At the meeting with Master Umbras, the king enters. He is pleased at the Company’s aid thus far but the danger is not yet past and hires them to aid Umbras in protecting the princess. As well, Ser Kenrick is allowed to continue in the tourney openly, with word being released that Ser Kanneth’s injuries have worsened.
  • Over the next two weeks, in addition to their other duties, the Company discreetly shadow the princess in an attempt to keep her out of trouble and find this utterly exhausting.
  • Through a series of very close bouts, Ser Kenrick manages to advance to the finals where he defeats the King of Bronze, Ser Rewan the Bull, and the King of Silver, Ser Chadd Highhorse, but merely ties with the King of Gold, Baron Ser Gallan Crownroy, Lord of Winnington. In the end, to Ser Kenrick’s surprise – and the delight of his Company who have been betting upon him, he is named King of Bronze.
  • The wedding proceeds without incident, although a number of minor shenanigans are observed, and Generica once more has a Queen.
  • At the wedding feast, Princess Damsel makes a discreet exit, though Brother Maykew sees this and alerts the Company. Following her, they observe a large viper striking and, upon interceding, realize that the snake is already dead, implying that it is being remotely driven like the golem they encountered at Guffinhall. The princess has been bitten but Maykew can neutralize the poison with a spell; amusingly, when he looks down, he finds her staring at him with hearts in her eyes. Meanwhile, the others of the Company attempt to capture the invisible assassin, but he makes his escape.
  • The King is pleased with the Company’s actions, though slightly disappointed that the assassin managed to escape. He has them paid and departs, now knowing their names…

Player Notes:

  • Needless to say, I’ve not included a lot of the stuff that took place during the tourney that was mostly the background events. Most of it involved our efforts to keep the princess out of trouble only for us to realize we were mostly too paranoid by a half. Watch/listen to the YouTube for all of that!
  • Ser Kenrick technically should not have advanced to the Finals as he foes before them beat him by a margin of success of two … however, three of the PCs (who were betting on Kenrick’s victory) burned some Bennies so he would advance (now won by a MoS of 1.) Additional bennies were spent in round 1 of the Finals – both Kenrick & the King of the Bronze had a critical success – but oddly enough, none was needed for King of the Silver as Kenrick flat out dominated it. The King of the Gold, however, he could only tie and as we’d expended all of our bennies, we could not go further. Still, King of the Bronze implies (at least to the nobility) that Kenrick is the third best knight in the realm.
  • There was a planned grand melee that we had to skip due to time, but we’re thinking of handling some of that over Discord or our boards. Being King of the Bronze means Kenrick (and his “squire”, Maykew) will be participating in it.
  • Murdok buried the magic mirror after it hinted at his Secret … and ironically, it could have been extremely useful in the encounter with the invisible assassin. A pity none of us thought about that.

See the Daniverse Blog for the GM’s post-game debrief.