Company of the Bere

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Year One: The Mad Wizard Job

  • Winter has arrived and the Company are at the Heroes Guild, attending the Remembrance Day ceremonies and being honored for their actions over the last year. Somehow, Harmin of Grudgehold, the Magpie himself, gains entry where he demands asylum, intending on abusing the laws of the Guild. He admits to many crimes including setting into motion a spell that will destroy the city. Outside, evil clouds gather…
  • Recognizing that Válaris is stymied and that both Ser Kenrick and Murdok are about to just cut Harmin down, Brother Getwelle makes a suggestion: what if the Hall was not part of the Guild? Master Válaris seizes this way out and sells it to Getwelle for a penny. Harmin is startled by this sudden change of events, and then he’s dead as Kenrick smites him in the skull with his pick and Murdok lashes out with the axe.
  • Outside, an evil tornado-like sky beam begins gathering over the Low Market and the whole of the Guild springs into action and charges toward the beam with the Company at their vanguard.
  • It is difficult going, with thousands of panicking civilians fleeing from the sudden attack and with increasingly difficult foes emerging. Crows attack, and then goblins, and then bone golems akin to the one the Company faced at Guffinhall, and then finally, a host of stronger, tougher goblins guarding the beam (which has something swirling within it.) These newer goblins have the same appearance as the late alchemist Brother Tonik, who the Company faced when they were hired to find him.
  • The Company attacks, with Ser Kenrick and Magnus at the fore; the knight and his steed quickly smash through the goblins, then circle around and begin dealing great mayhem in their flanks even as the other members of the Company attack. None of the Company are felled, but Ser Magnus suffers multiple injuries … though this only serves to anger the warhorse even more.
  • With the goblins downed, the Company turns to addressing the apparent teleportation conduit. Seeing a spinning Mirror at the heart of this magical tornado, they are reminded of the Mirror they saw in the Wildwood. Dustan notes also that the Key given to him by Magister Mintôr at the beginning of that Job is vibrating like mad and recalls how the Fae Mirror he touched with that Key cracked. Using magic, he apportates the Key into the heart of the beam. The spinning Mirror explodes and the beam vanishes. Soon after, the sky clears and the clouds dissipate. The Company has won.
  • Some weeks later, as the Capital continue to rebuild, the Company, along with several other members of the Heroes Guild, are summoned before King Jon who declares each of them “Defenders of the Capital,” a sort of courtesy knighthood that grants them authority during crises.
  • And thus, the Legends of Generica concludes its second season.

Player Notes:

  • Absolutely no idea when we’ll be coming back to Generica – the first run was like four freaking years ago – but when we do, both Dustan and Murdok will likely be replaced since the players inherited the characters and never really gelled with them.
  • It’s a very good thing that CommJunkee came up with the “what if the Hall wasn’t part of the Guild” idea at the beginning because Kenrick crit-failed an IQ check to know the rules of “asylum” and was about to straight-up “mete out justice” as a knight versus the Magpie, which would have resulted in his excommunicatus status. Which would have been funny.
  • For the charge through the city, we used Gigermann’s still WIP “Action Challenge System” – as I told him after the game, I understood what he was doing, but too much of it was “behind the screen” so during the game itself, I had very little idea what was going on in terms of how likely it was we were going to ‘survive’ the zone and move on. He griped during the game about their still being too much math involved and admitted after that his latest version had already massively reduced said math so I personally shudder at the thought of the previous version. We discussed ripping off the Significant Actions from Mass Combat (even though several of us have issues with that system from time to time) and perhaps having the “party leader” making the survival check ala the Battle Strategy Roll, also from that book, but … well … we’ll see what Gigermann does with it next. I’m sure he’ll expound on this on his blog at great length.
  • The final fight with the super goblins turned sideways for them once Kenrick and Magnus got into their flanks. Once that happened, he kept taking out foes with attacks from the rear hex, Telegraphed strike to the skull using the pick side of his signature weapon. By my count, he felled three of them that way – two others died in unspecified ways because we were running behind on time and the GM could see that this was a battle they couldn’t win.
  • Per the GM, since Kenrick is already a knight, in addition to the courtesy title, he will also be getting a fief, which would promote him to Baronet. Now, we just need to narrow down where the fief will be located. Gigermann has also expressed an interest in doing a “diversion” game, probably handled via Play-By-Post, detailing at least some of the realm management involved with Kenrick becoming as an established lord and leading into the season 3 proper … but that’s not something anyone’s thinking about at this moment.

See the Daniverse Blog for the GM’s post-game debrief.