Insurgent Team Vanguard

Live Stream

Episode 3: Legacy of Ruin, Part 2

  • With a roar, the beast attacks and the Team springs into action, with Luck using his jetpack to get into position atop the creature to attack with his vibroknife, while Nim darts between its legs to use his grapple line to tangle its legs and Darrrill unexpectedly engages it in melee combat even as Bostco and Tina distract it with blaster shots.
  • Darrrill ends up engaging in an unexpected … testicular grapple (words I never expected to type in a GURPS recap) with the creature which, naturally distracted it rather significantly so Nim could further tangle it up and Luck could jam the armed grenade into the hole he’d cut on the creature’s back. The result was rather sticky.
  • Afterwards, the Team had monster steak, Tina got permission to keep the (currently) non-functional lightaber, and Luck discovered that Loophole had a bunch of deactivated battle droids and weapons which the other clone intends to use against the Empire at some point.
  • Following their meal, Loophole takes the lot of them to a place with a lot of scrap and points out two functional, if admittedly old and in need of work, vessels from the Grand Army of the Republic: an Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter and a Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT). The arsenal of the Team is increasing…

Player Notes:

  • Full house again. Also a really short episode because Ronnke, the GM, was struggling with a brutal headache so he went back to bed after we ended; he almost canceled early it was that bad.
  • I think absolutely none of us expected to be in a GURPS game where a player grappled a monster … by the testicles. It left us in stitches.