Insurgent Team Vanguard

Live Stream

Episode 4: Twilight Hunters, Part 1

  • Having received the information about Dexar Tao’ni, the Team travels to Alassa Major, a resort world, in order to seek out Greeva Varrin, a former Crimson Corsair.
  • The Team splits into two groups in order to maximize their investigative capability: one group, consisting of Luck, Nim and Tina concentrate on the underworld, while the other team of Bostco and Darrrill seek out higher end establishments. The former learns only that Varrin seems to owe a lot of people money, while the latter eventually locates the man at a casino after Darrrill loses some credits.
  • The Team converges upon the casino an attempts to question Varrin, but this leads to an attempt at shadowing that turns into foot chase. Unfortunately for Varrin, Nim is quite fast and Luck has a jet pack.
  • Varrin reveals that Tao’ni is likely hanging out in the Twilight Vale in the Stellara System. The Vale is considered very difficult to navigate and Varrin suggests the Team acquire a Crimson Corsair starship which will have a flight path preprogrammed in its navcomp.
  • Luckily, the Team have used the captured Corsair ship to come to Alassa Major, so upon letting Varrin go with their tanks, they return to the ship and Tina is able to slice into the computer to retrieve the coordinates. Now all that is left is to figure out a cover story…

Player Notes:

  • Full house again.
  • Bostco’s player FX Engineer had severe internet issues and ultimately wasn’t able to play; he logged in briefly but lost connectivity and was never able to regain it.
  • The players jokingly decided that Greeva Varrin was now a lounge singer and the GM rolled with it. We also kept joking that the old lady gambler was secretly a terrifying assassin or something, but nothing really came of that … yet.
  • Again, I’m intentionally trying to keep these outlines short instead of getting overly verbose like I do sometimes. There is a lot of stuff that happened during the session that I didn’t mention in the outline … see?! I’m getting overly verbose again!