The Survivors
  • GM: Rigil Kent
  • Christoph Jäger (FX Engineer)
  • Jörg Lange (Gigermann)
  • Queen Coppertong (Mel)
  • Sören Roth (Ronnke)

Live Stream Playlist

0x02: Deadly Dispatch, Part 2

  • Snarling unintelligible Words of Power, the necromancer casts a great spell and zombies begin pulling themselves out of the river.
  • Sören attempts to flee after spearing the still beating heart on his sword, and Enfys follows more slowly which results in the latter almost being swarmed by a large number of the Undead.
  • A stranger carrying the box that was left in Enfys’ room also approaches, but he drops it upon seeing the zombies and charges forward; Jörg will end up engaging this man in a duel and realize that he is facing another of the Undead!
  • Christoph and Coppertong engage as well, and the skirmish is right hot, with both Enfys and Sören grievously wounded. Enfys ends up plunging into the dirty river, overcome by his wounds and deeply unconscious, but the others begin converging upon the foul necromancer pursuing him.
  • After narrowly evading Jörg’s swing, the necromancer flees via Magick, snarling out another Word of Power and vanishing. His wight bodyguard, badly injured from his duel and Christoph’s arrows, throws himself into the river as well.
  • Christoph and Sören leap into the water, intent on rescuing Enfys, and together, they pull the wizard’s apprentice out.
  • And throughout Ubersreik, riots erupt as the dead walk once more…

GM Notes:

  • The core elements of this session comes from Cubicle 7’s adventure, Deadly Dispatch. Apart from Elke’s name, it was mostly used as-is though as I said last time, I wasn’t expecting the PCs to end up triggering the fight right there. Luckily for me, the necromancer – named Rule Leidtragende in the adventure, though Gigerman joked that he should have been named Romero and I’m super tempted to rename him as Georg Rosmarin as a result – managed to escape so I can use him later when I want to attack.
  • As I feared, the entire session was eaten up by the big fight. Alas…
  • Enfys’ player will be out for the next session due to other obligations.