• The Team determined that although the lifeboat was in no danger of sinking, it might be upended by the ice, so they would need to vacate it ASAP; some land was spotted around a mile distant, and the ice appeared to be stable enough in its direction to allow the Team to walk to it. All personal gear, and some supplies were loaded onto Abe’s grav-cart, and the Team departed across the treacherous ice, taking several hours to reach shore
  • As sundown approached, while resting up before setting up camp, the Team was charged by a large predator-creature; some quick bursts from Haank’s gauss rifle brought the beast down, and it slid into Sam, knocking him down
  • After sunrise, the Team worked out a rough idea which direction they should go to find the colony, struck camp, and moved out
  • [Early in the second] day of slow progress, the Team discovered the ruin of an old-world town, and deviated to investigate, finding nothing of note, but making note of its position
  • Around the middle of the fourth day, the Team spotted an indigenous village up a hill; appeared to be nothing but women, children, and old, and it was supposed that their men were out hunting