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By C.Kent ckent@seattletimes.com

Seattle law enforcement dismissed rumors flying around Saturday afternoon that two people had been taken into custody and charged in the brutal killing of Jackson Rollo at a local Park.

“We are interviewing people right now, but no arrests have been made,” Lt. Pat Crowe said. “We’ve got some leads that appear pretty promising. But there’s still a lot of leg work left to do.”

No suspects have been named yet in connection with the killing. Seattle Lone Star Chief Carlos Mestas said evidence at this point indicates that the person responsible was not someone Rollo knew. This also supports the theory that he fell victim to a carjacking gone bad.

Rollo, an executive with Aztech, was killed sometime Thursday night or Friday morning at Convenient Park. He was found with his throat slit and his body left bleeding near the roadway on Friday morning.

Police have not yet recovered Rollo’s missing car, calling it a necessary breakthrough in the search for the Seattle man’s killer.

Chief Mestas described the 2056 Audi A10 as a “key piece of evidence” in the ongoing investigation.

“Locating the vehicle is very important and will led to some great leads,” Mestas said. “We will be working throughout the night to find the people responsible.”

Read Saturday’s Sentinel for complete details.


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Name: Richard B. Resnick
Aliases: Ditch
Sub-Species: Human
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Unknown
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Unknown
Psychological Profile: Undetermined
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Seattle, UCAS
Parents: Unknown (Orphaned)
Education: Basic
Basic History:

  • Orphan; dumped in trash bin at birth, found
  • Raised in foster homes, in Seattle, during early childhood; lived mostly on the street and/or juvenile corrections facilities (mostly for B&E) by adolescence; discovered gift for free-running
  • Got hired on w/ [Company] at ground-floor job; learned how corrupt the company was; tried to speak out & got thrown under the bus, & sent to prison for it
  • Escaped prison after three years; shot two guards in the process
  • Over several years, killed a number of bounty-hunters trying to bring him back in. Returned to prison a few times, but escaped each time.
  • Joined merc/shadowrunning outfit doing corporate espionage work. Got chromed sometime in this period
  • Entire merc outfit wiped out on mission, Ditch the only survivor. Johnson presumed he had killed the team, and handed him over to bounty-hunters ([Johns]), to be imprisoned again. Escaped capture, nearly killing [Johns] in the process.
  • Caught by [Johns] again. Transport crashed in [dangerous wilderness area] while en route to prison facility; befriended [Jack/Kyra] during the ordeal. Survived [creature] attacks, & escaped back to Seattle w/ [Jack/Kyra], [Imam]
  • After a few years of laying low, started taking freelance running jobs again

The blatant ripoff of “Riddick” is purely intentional—I always wanted to play Riddick sometime, and this campaign was a perfect fit. The character had to be watered down, somewhat, from the movie representation, due to the point-level of the campaign—part of the reason for the re-name.


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Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm, Vapor, Rosco (+Kipper)

  • Called up by Claudia to meet at Reno’s; bought dinner, offered job on behalf of Artemus. Team left for job immediately after dinner.
  • Went to Artemus’s high-class residence, noticed strict security measures; greeted by illusory butler.
  • Met with Artemus, told of niece, Jennifer’s, unexpected disappearance, tasked to retrieve her. Allowed to inspect niece’s room; discovered runner’s gear in hidden closet compartment, identified some of her friends, secret computer notes suggesting Artemus was planning to use Jennifer for some magical experiment/ritual.
  • Arranged coffee-shop meeting with Jennifer’s friend; told of shadowrunning, as “Dancer,” fears of uncle’s motives.
  • Tracked Dancer to underground runners’ club, Fenris Nacht. Attempted to gain entry through front-door, ambushed by Dancer’s allies; survivor revealed they were running interference for her escape. Entered club via roof-door, using survivor as cover. After a brief standoff, given Dancer’s commlink on her behalf by bartender, told to await call. While waiting, researched security co. hired by Artemus.
  • Call received, told to meet at Club Penumbra.
  • Met Dancer at Club Penumbra, convinced to return to uncle with Team, intending to aid her escape after fulfilling the letter of the mission; spotted evidence of her “transformation,” later identifying her/them as possible shapeshifters, which would suggest that Artemus was actually trying to help. Upon leaving, ambushed at entrance by Artemus & co.; killed Artemus & co., while Dancer fled.
  • Made comm contact with Dancer, paid for job.
  • Informed Claudia of “success”; told to lay low for a couple of weeks.

FRIDAY, 11TH MAY, 2057

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First One-Shot:
Featuring: Gustav, Ditch, Switch, Reggie, Spark

  • Approached by Mr. Johnson, at The Pit, w/ job to rescue Yakuza-guy’s daughter from kidnapper(s)

Campaign, First Run:
Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm (+Vapor); Cameo: Gustav

  • Called up by Claudia & assembled for meeting at shooting range; meeting arranged w/ Herr Johnson
  • Met Herr Johnson at rental storage facility. A previous team of runners was hired by Herr Johnson to place a snooping device on a rival’s (Bosch-Klein) corporate network, but failed to extricate themselves smoothly, resulting in one team-member’s death, another’s incarceration by corporate authorities, with the remainder in hiding. Offered mission to erase evidence of the operation, and bring back the team members (dead or alive); mission accepted.
  • Gustav hired by the team to hack into Bosch-Klein via the “Arthur” backdoor, locate targets in custody, and erase documentary evidence of the operation; targets located.
  • Vapor rented getaway vehicle
  • Hit delivery truck carrying deceased target, Creep, to Saeder-Krupp for arcane interrogation en route, at intersection. Transferred target & gear to rented vehicle and torched company van.
  • Short on time & ordered by Herr Johnson to only return with all targets. Contacted Gustav, & arranged with his police contact to have incarcerated target, Gutter, picked up by the team 30min prior to scheduled release, with some appropriate palm-greasing.
  • Picked up Gutter at corporate security station. In progress, spotted by security officers, who pursued in security vehicles; managed to evade pursuers, after a brief chase.
  • Directed to Glowboy’s apartment by Gutter. Ambushed by bounty hunter team in apartment; defeated all but one who was operating remotely. Liberated Glowboy’s daughter.
  • Guided to safe-house by Glowboy’s daughter; remaining team located there. Discussed plan of action; safe-house determined to be compromised.
  • Ambushed again by bounty hunter team, in alleyway; fought back, using rented vehicle and targets’ vehicle as cover, & defeated all.
  • Immediately returned recovered targets to storage facility, & Herr Johnson. Got paid.